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  2. Hello Everyone, with the most recent update I thought I'd inform everyone of some new Staff changes. We have Four promotions and One resignation during this time. Promotions Supports: - Crown. - Wtf Kid. Moderator: - Unknown - Shadow helps/ Gim shadow Resigned: - Chalybs: He was a great member of the staff team, always helpful and supportive to each player. He helped build the community, He is always welcomed and will be missed. Thank you everyone! We hope to see you ingame! Have fun, Keep grinding, and Good Luck!
  3. ๐Ÿ’ธ Donations: A new Donator rank was added; Mythic Donator A new Mystery box (Mythic) was added to the donator store A new equipment slot for wings was added and a few wing models were added to the donator store (equipment slot can be hidden via the game frame plugin) Mythic mystery boxes were added to the random free box roll for every $100 spent Free daily mystery boxes will now roll a random mystery box based on your rank ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: โ˜˜๏ธ Prestige: The prestige cap has been increased to 25 from 10 Base points per prestige has reduced (50 = normal, 60 = adventurer, 75 = challenger) Prestige experience reduction was reduced from 5% per prestige to 3% (maximum experience reduction of 75% at 25th prestige) Prestige levels will now be viewable when hovering over a skill in the skill tab A prestige plugin was added which will recolor skill tab levels to prestige level color A colossal rune essence pouch was added to the prestige store Perks: Key Banker: 25% Chance to bank earned loot keys Herb Cleaner: Clean all grimy herbs in an instant action Social Skiller: Earn additional experience for each nearby friend Ball Dipper: Allows you to dip 3 cannonball bars at once Long Term Thief: 35% Chance to note all stolen items Speedy Scribin': Page scribing action speed reduced by 1 tick ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: ๐Ÿ‘น Slayer: Slayer difficulties were removed All Slayer tasks are now attached to a specific Slayer monster A new interface was constructed for when selecting a slayer task (ability to choose master, length, restrictions and will display potential points earned) The slayer accelerant pet perk was now changed to a % instead of a fixed value Base slayer points were slightly increased New perk: Slayer Master: 1% Chance of instantly killing any enemy below half hp on task Lunar Creatures (allows obtaining lunar creatures as a slayer task) Larran Collector: Increase Larran's key drop chances on wild task by 35% Boundless Killer: Ignore all slayer monster level requirements (attacking only) Supply Crated: 10% Chance of receiving a supply crate drop on task kill Long Term Slayer: 35% Chance of kills not counting toward task New Tasks: Lunar creatures Rogue Ice Titan/Rogue Giant Ent/Rogue Giant Chinchompa Ice protector/ Ice ranger Mutated bloodveld Jade Vine ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: ๐Ÿ™Sea Kraken: Hunting fish via aerial fishing will now eventually summon the Sea Kraken The Sea Kraken can only be damaged whilst using a falcon The Sea Kraken will spawn vines which players must avoid The Sea Kraken will spawn sea slugs that heal her which will need to be captured via a Box trap Defeating the Sea Kraken will yield Sea Kraken chests containing many supplies and rewards ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: ๐ŸŒฒHespori: Players can help spawn hespori by planting seeds in the planter box There is a 10% chance of hespori being cursed when summoned; which doubles his health and damage but will yield more rewards Hespori can not be damaged by normal combat means; requiring a specific method to be damaged Hespori has a shield that must be brought down before it can be damaged ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: ๐Ÿ”น Seren: Group boss with various mechanics (contains achievements, collection logs, and drops): Will teleport randomly around the map, will mark its teleport location, and if within its teleport you will be damaged Will spawn tornados for each player in the instance, must avoid them Will shoot deadly magic attack directly at your tile, must move to avoid Will bring down walls on a selected target. must break out by mining the rock Will shock all targets if they don't avoid the projectile Will shoot powerful range attacks to all targets, damage can be avoided by protecting range Will shoot base magic attacks, damage can be decreased by protecting magic ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: ๐ŸŽฐ Item Upgrader: The interface was updated for better organization Volatile masori armor set: Will build up power by dealing damage and will unleash AOE damage to nearby targets (only applies for NPCs) Royal Ancestral: Additional 5% magic accuracy & damage for each worn piece (all 3 pieces will yield an additional 5% for a total of 20%) Doomcore Staff: Slow fire rate but will shoot a powerful attack that will hit nearby targets Omni Tome: Will increase elemental spell damage by 75% Swift Secateurs: 2x Experience rates, 35% more farming crop yield, and automatically bank all farming harvests. Fighter torso of Shadows: Increased bonuses ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: ๐Ÿ‘บMonster Perks: The interface will now have a small red/green icon displaying if the perk is active or not The interface now has text displaying how many total perks have been unlocked Perks: Domino Effect: 20% chance that defeated enemies of size 1 explode on death, dealing damage to nearby enemies Pet Seeker: 15% Drop rate increase for all boss pets Crystal Sharter: Increase crystal shard drop amounts by 20% ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: ๐Ÿ†•Additions: New daily tasks were added Pets can now automatically be insured on npc drop by speaking to the pet guy A new PoP boost was added: Increase clan points by 50% ;;gear will now open the wiki page More clan tasks were added Vault of Bones Madness mode was released (introduces new volatile stone drop) Royal Magic Amulet: Every 6th magic attack will have a 30% increase in accuracy and damage (does not work on players) Elemental Tomes: Air, water, and earth tomes have been added which will increase elemental spell damage by 50% Each elemental tome must have its required page created; which can be done by fletching a blank page (via burnt logs) and then inscribing the element of your choice Omni tome was added which contains the elemental power of air, water, earth, and fire and will increase spell damage by 75% Pristine Fishing Gear: Increased experience rates when fishing Fishing tomes were added New POP boost: Increased the amount of bossing tickets by 20% Booster cards can now be upgraded via the upgrader Raids were removed from the minigame spotlights and now have their own spotlight Giant Roc and Lexicus now have their collection logs Monthly check-in rewards will now have a mega reward for collecting 80% of the month's rewards ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Media: โœ… Achievements: The following achievements were added: Ice Trolls: Requires killing ice trolls Sea Kraken: Requires defeating the Sea kraken Aerial Fishing: Requires catching fish using the aerial fishing method Prestige Mastery: Requires reaching maximum prestige in a skill Barrows Mosh Pit Mastery: Requires surviving all 30 waves Volatile Masori: Requires successfully upgrading a full set of masori Fighter Torso of Shadows: Requires successfully a fighter torso Swift Secateurs: Requires upgrading a pair of golden magic secateurs Slayer Monsters: Requires killing assigned slayer monsters Doomcore Staff: Requires creating a doomcore staff Royal Ancestral: Requires upgrading a full set of ancestral Falcon Whisperer: Requires kills via a Falcon Cannonball Dipper: Requires dipping cannonball bars Page Scribing: Requires scribing elements into a blank page ๐Ÿ› ๏ธTweaks: CTRL is no longer required for pressing actions on skilling dialogue interface Pressing the spacebar with the skilling dialogue interface open will execute your last action The Larran's holder monster perk will now attempt to deposit into looting back if applicable Slayer perks can now be toggled on/off (due to this all currently unlocked slayer perks will need to be manually activated) Dwarven rock cake now has a `Guzzle` option which will take the player directly to 1 hp Weekly task base AP reroll cost was reduced from 3 to 2 Daily/Weekly tasks can now be rerolled with coins or AP (each reroll will increase the cost of the next reroll) Lizardman shamans zone is now multicombat The formula for BOFA/Crystal was reworked (previously incorrect) Sagittarian arrows equip requirement was reduced from 99 range to 75 Due to the regular mystery box being far easier to obtain, collection log rewards were reduced The calculation for monster ticket amounts has been adjusted: lower level NPCs will drop tickets at much lower rates, while higher level NPCs will drop more tickets Barrows mosh pit npc scaling and spawn amounts were reduced Skulling was adjusted and will now skull at the start of any attack action Ironmates & GIM clans cost for skipping a clan task was reduced to 1 CP Fishing equipment that has experienced modifications will now properly count for aerial fishing Change price of cooking gauntlets in prestige store Falconry activity will now allow for direct teleporting out Falcons can now be equipped outside of designated areas if the Falcon Whisperer achievement is complete Falcons no longer need to be returned for falconry or aerial fishing activities Sacred Harpoon now has an item value Dragon darts were added to Zulrah's drop table and Vorkath's drop amount was increased Radiant spirit shield will now halve all damage from TOL falling rocks Radiant spirit shield now has a 10% chance of reflecting 25% of incoming damage Skill scroll impling task amounts were drastically reduced Collection log will now detect when a log is not correct and will display a "sync" button Clan task types can now be selected when obtaining a clan task Game options for combat auto-close have now been defaulted as disabled Daily roll chances for exotic rewards were increased Donator world boss will now spawn every 3 hours instead of 5 - Monthly check-in rewards were updated ๐ŸFixes: Fixed issue with omni-staff rate calculation Fixed issue with battle pass claiming Fixed various issues with the Slayer task plugin Fixed a few issues for Slayer task groupings Larran's key was removed from the Elder Chaos Druid collection log Fixed the Ice Troll collection log Fixed the incorrect sacred harpoon ID in the skiller's backpack Fixed issue with the cannonball smelting achievement (not tracking the correct ball amount) Fixed issue with bloodshed dragonfire shield noting Fixed issue with incorrect dragon chain body found from daily rewards Fixed the incorrect skill scroll level for cooking manta rays Fixed a spelling mistake with the Vorgast wilderness board task The loot opener will now properly check if items addable to the bank are within the allocated bank space Fixed issue with pet perk preset donator slots Fixed issue with a red skulling bug Fixed incorrect daily task TTK requirement for Cerberus Fixed some incorrect prices in the agility store Fixed issue with shooting starts not properly despawning Fixed issue with the Pet Synergy achievement Fixed the issue with Bofa not checking for charges correctly Spiritweed was removed from the herblore collection log Various invalid items were removed from the summoning collection log Fixed multiple issues with collections logs (not tracking properly, invisible items) Withdrawing a rune essence from a rune pouch will now check for the appropriate level Coif crafting now appropriately requires soft leather rather than hard leather Fixed issue with the bronze resolve achievement Fixed issue with drops not trigger for Giant roc and Lexicus
  4. Hello everyone, This patch brings us some well needed adjustments to the game. To begin, let me say there haven't been any updates in a while as I have been moving. However, now that I am somewhat settled I plan on continuing with the updates. Thus, this update won't contain any major content addition, but you may expect to see some as summer comes closer. Apart from fixes and tweaks, this content focuses on new perks and achievements. ๐Ÿ’ธ Donations: Daily rewards now has a tab for the top 3 weekly donators Mystery box (superior) was added to the bundle section Mystery box pack was added to the bundle section Strong boost cards/packs was added to the bundle section ๐Ÿ“— Achievements The following achievements were added: Cannonballs: Requires smelting cannonballs Specialized Cannonballs: Requires smelting custom cannonballs Sacred Harpoon: Requires successfully upgrading an elder harpoon Kraken: Requires killing kraken Kalphite Queen: Requires killing Kalphite Queen The Calm Within The Madness: Requires completing VOB Madness as a solo ๐Ÿฆ Pet Perks: New function for searching for specific pet perks was added to the codex interface New interface was created for creating and customizing pet perk presets Vine Dining: Ability to lock movement of all nearby enemies for 5 seconds โ˜˜๏ธ Prestige Perks: Star Struck: Mining action will no longer be reset when a shooting star breaks Mystery Seeking Skiller: 1/7,500 Chance of earning a Mystery box ๐ŸงŒ Monster Perks: Cracked Cannon: Dipped cannonballs will now be 35% more effective with damage and accuracy. Cracked Dagger: All dragon dagger specials will hit 3 times instead of 2 Larran Hoarder: Automatically pickup Larran's key drops if possible Running Fighter: 10% chance to restore 10% run energy on monster kill ๐Ÿ‘น Slayer: Death slingers will now require an active task Sonic Slayer: 20% Chance of attack speed being reduced to 1 on task ๐ŸŽฐ Item Upgrader: Sacred Harpoon: Can be used to catch any type of fish (bait will still be required if applicable) and has a 1/3 chance of cooking it ๐Ÿ†• Additions: Battlepass season 6 Kalphite queen slayer task was added New game options 'Prayer Messages' was added which will disable any leech prayer messages dealt to opponent Special attack orb can now show special attack % via the game frame plugin (temporary text) ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Tweaks: Boom Buddy's cooldown duration was reduced and the damage amount increased Method for handling selecting the lowest skill has been changed to be based off experience rather than level Base DFS cooldown period was reduced by 25 seconds Leaving the wilderness will now reset any active teleblock effects Runecrafting now counts every rune essence in your inventory for a chance at Talisman staff for the rune, Talisman staffs are now 1/500 Blood nex now requires an Ecunemical key to enter when Nex Mass is active Clan Activity timeout changed to 72 hours from 36 hours Raids drop rates tweaked Can now only private message staff whilst muted Equipping the Hati paws or hat will lead to a 5% decrease in the effects of trees and ores. If both the Hati paws and hat are worn together, an extra 5% reduction is triggered, bringing the total reduction to 15% The monster log interface was updated and now supports toggling kill count/time to kill messages and will show personal best records for logged monsters Demonic gorillas can now be attacked when on a clan task Collection log rewards can now only be claimed after 12 hours of play time All dagganoth king slayer tasks have been combined into 1 task Trivia questions can now be answered faster by simply doing ;;a answer Battle pass will now be capped at 3 earnable reward per uid/ip Removed the dialogue prompt for the dagganoth teleport Box/snare traps will now deposit to skiller's backpack if applicable Box/snare traps can now be re-setup when broken on the ground Dread crossbow stats were buffed All adventure path combat level tasks will now count summoning levels Air talisman was added to the summoning store ๐Ÿ Fixes: Fixed issue with familiars being aggressive to self and other players within the wilderness Fixed an issue with the shooting star despawning prematurely Bloodshed dragonfire shield negative magic attack bonus was removed (will now be 0) Fixed some trivia bot answers Fixed the Superior cyclops size Fixed issue with various broken nex armour pieces being equippable Fixed issue with banshees not recognizing various slayer helmets Fixed a potential issue causing vorgast to go invisible Fixed issue with teleblock client timer not resetting when killing the player that caused the teleport block Fixed issue with the slayer perk interface not showing proper icons Fixed an issue with multiple people using doors/gates at the same time Fixed issue with tormented bracelet (or) reverting to original form when noting Lagor stun fix for TOL Further name colour fixes for donators who are ironmen game modes Tornados from Hunllef and AOA now no longer hit you earlier than expected Simulating VOB and AOA now allows you to put 125k and 50k for proper simulations Goblin Emperor barrel player radius fixed Fixed issue with instanced godwar bosses not spawning their minions properly Fixed issue with teleports above 30 wilderness still providing experience even though the teleport is blocked Fixed issue with the zaryte crossbow creation achievement not triggering Fixed issue with the kalphite queen dragon chainbody collection log not triggering Fixed issue with hunter collection log not recognizing black/red chinchompas Fixed issue with the righteous warrior monster perk triggering for players Fixed issue with corrupted monk from TOL being attackable by AOE weapons Fixed issue with heart of monstrosities/effigies dropping for partner whilst duo slayer is active Removed the duplicate boot items for the Superior mystery box collection log Fixed issue with the black d'hide crafting skillpass task not triggering Fixed issue with VOB cog machine (running away whilst interface is active)
  5. Thanks illumonity for the demonic gorillas updates hahah! I made some good gp while it lasted โค๏ธ love the updates! Funny how many little things i noticed that got fixed! Thank you!!!
  6. Greetings fellow Arigonians! This update brings some new additions and a lot of fixes to the game. First and foremost, we have a Barrows expansion called Barrows Mosh Pit where you take on the infamous brothers in increasingly difficult waves. Moreover, we also have some spicy prestige, monster and pet perks that should make the game more fun in certain situations. Finally, we have decided to address QoL requests and suggestions whilst also taking care of bug fixes that have been around for a while. Hopefully the game should be far smoother now! As always, let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback and stay tuned for more updates! Additions: Superior dragon bones can now be crushed with a pestle and mortar The Ironman now has a Group option for managing group Ironman clans (leaving groups/deleting groups), Once a group Ironman no longer has a clan they can derank via Dr. Derank Battlestaves and an unpowered orb can now be used to create an elemental staff Skills necklace equipment options are functional (inventory options are still missing) Everyone will now have 1 free daily/weekly task reroll (increased by donator rank) and will reset every weekly A new plugin was added for tracking the last progressed daily task (will prioritize displaying the task with the most completion) New achievements were added A new collection log was added for the slayer skill Media: Barrows Mosh Pit: Looting the Barrows chest will now have a 1/50 chance of acquiring a barrows mosh pit key which can be used to enter the minigame There are a maximum of 30 waves which will spawn random barrow brothers Every 3rd round, up to 7 superior brothers will be spawned Killing brothers within this minigame will yield barrows pieces, which will only be given when leaving the minigame, Dying will result in losing all acquired loot Barrow brother's levels and bonuses will be scaled based on the current wave Media: Prestige Perks: Shrouded Skiller: No longer receive random events Pestled Up: Pestle and mortar will ground up to 27 items at once Media: MonsterPerks: Righteous Warrior: Any defensive lowering special attack will always be accurate Mysterious: All bosses will have a 1/1,000 chance to drop a mystery box Media: Pet Perks: Pet perks were given support for ability activations (can be accessed by examining the pet and clicking on the specific perk) CTRL + E will now open the pet examine interface (must have an active pet) Last Recall: Ability to set and teleport to a non-instanced position Boom Buddy: Ability to spawn a bomber barrel to create AOE damage to an active target Media: Item Upgrader: Bloodshed dragonfire shield: Operating the shield will consume the user's health and shoot multiple fast dragonfire projectiles Avernic flameburst defender: BIS defender bonuses Media: Tweaks: All stave weapons will now save the current autocasted spell to its properties (will not work in pvp zones; auto-casted spells will be reset on weapon swaps) A new game option was added for showing current autocasted spell messages Prestige perks can now be toggled on/off (due to this all currently active perks were disabled and will require manual activation) Skillermen & Ironman have been added to the donator zone Any donator bond or bundle will no longer be salvageable The health of the shooting start was substantially increased Storing a clue in a clue scroll will now have an option for completely disabling the confirmation prompt Tournament auto deposit when entering will no longer work for ultimate ironman accounts Golden knife now has its own sped-up animation when being used Fletching actions will no longer check for free inventory space Demonic gorillas can now only be attacked on task Skeletal horror instances can now be teleported out of Fang of chaos normal hit will no longer hit twice in PvP Media: Fixes: Fixed issue with shooting star health bar Fixed issue with agility skill scroll tasks not generating properly Fixed issue with simulation raid loots Fixed issue with the new easter weapons reverting to their original form when noting Fixed issue with Rammernaut's bomber/teleport attacks in instances Fixed issue with summoning skill scrolls not tracking Fixed issue with super antifire potions requiring regular superior dragon bones and not super dragon bone dust Fixed issue with autocasting resetting on teleport Fixed issue with the demon lord pet not functioning Fixed issue with the pvm pets collection log not triggering for raid pets Fixed issue with the Heron right-click options Fixed up the clan message when earning enough experience to be allowed to receive clan buffs The mystery box scrollbar was increased Golden knife will no longer turn into a regular knife when noting Fixed issue with some items such as golden knife/hammer/blade of saeldor not showing up on the item itinerary Blood diamonds are now tradeable again Fixed the issue with torva armour in the tournament not having proper health effects Fixed issues with ring of shadows and endurance noting Fixed issue with golden knife not working when cutting burnt logs Fixed issue vengeance spell consuming twice the runes required Edgeville dungeon ladder now directs to the air obelisk Demonic gorillas will no longer change protection prayers when not being damaged with the correct style
  7. Hello everyone, I just wanted to keep you all abreast of some changes to the staff team this week. ๐Ÿ…Promotions Imp, Atc and Simba have been promoted to Support. With this change they'll be assisting players with any questions they have, as well as potentially helping host some events / doing some background work to help make things easier for the team. Please give them a warm welcome in their new role! Sadly Nexum has left the team recently, so we say farewell to him. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication while you were with us. Happy Easter everyone, hope you're all having a lovely time.
  8. Hello everyone! We're thrilled to announce some egg-citing updates and additions to enhance your gaming experience this Easter season! We've also been hard at work reworking our tournament system to bring you an even more exhilarating and action-packed experience. Get ready to spice up your battles with an array of new items and upgrades designed to take your combat skills to the next level!โ˜ ๏ธ This update also comes with some content additions such as the new Battle Pass, Achievement Point Bundles, and Pet Perks. ๐Ÿฐ Easter Event: Easter event can be accessible by typing the ;;easter command Every 2:30hrs the easter dungeon will be populated with moles and implings Catching/killing implings and moles will provide easter eggs which can be handed in to the easter bunny for points Easter points can be used to purchase a few items including an easter mystery box which contains limited-time items Media: โš”๏ธ Tournament: The tournament system was completely rewritten due to previous issues A new map was created specifically for the tournament Losing in a tournament will now send the player to the tournament viewer activity Points are now awarded for tournament completions; which can be used in the tournament store All previous issues with the tournament's logic were fixed and improved Many new tournament gear sets were added An option for automatically depositing active pets/familiars will now be available when accessing the tournament Media: ๐Ÿ’ธ Donations: Many donator bonds will now be discounted for easter The donator bundle page was updated and will now contain 8 bundle slots instead of 6 Many new bundles were added: AP Mystery box (mini) AP Mystery box (regular) AP Mystery box (large) AP Mystery box bundle AP Mystery box bundle (massive) Booster card pack Salvaging starter pack Salvaging professional pack Holy trinity pet perk pack Media: ๐ŸŒ€ Pool Of Prosperity: POP now gives a +20% buff if you donate a certain amount to the POP This bonus buff is limited to 25 people per POP. (This would only be 25 people if everyone donated exactly the amount to get the Buff. If some people donate more than that, it will lessen this amount.) Adjusted boosts: Slayer POP adjusted to show 20% and be 20% as it should be Raids Droprate POP: +10% drop rate chance at Raids Media: ๐Ÿ†• Additions: Battle Pass Season 5 Outfit storage (ability to store cosmetics to save up bank space) A portable deconstructor was added to the skill scrolls table and can open the deconstruction menu with a 25% reduction in dust A golden knife was added to the skill scrolls table and will make fletching actions 1 tick faster CTRL + D can be used for quick donator zone teleports Harpoon special attack was added Dwarf multi cannon now has a decay timer for the client The command ;;clan was added which will allow for sending direct clan chat messages Cavefish was added to the donator zone Monster perk was added; Explosive Krak - Automatically uses fishing explosives when fighting kraken An untradeable Bank space voucher was added to the achievement store Media: ๐Ÿฆ Pet Perks: Pet storage (ability to store pets to save up bank space accessible via the pet perk interface) Glutton: Food/potions will heal by an additional % (does not work in pvp zones) Careful consumer: % Chance of not consuming potion/food (does not work in pvp zones) Super reflexes: % Chance of completely avoiding incoming damage (does not work in pvp zones) Media: ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Tweaks: Many new items were added to the currency wallet and the order of currencies was updated After completing the Ancient curse miniquest, wearing a nightshade helmet will provide protection against the dungeon's dark magic The looting bag & skiller's backpack will now attempt to deposit contents when being deposited Farming and agility, along with additional materials were added to the skill scrolls task list Ironman accounts can now drop contents from a PVP loot key (will not be able to pick it up) The wicked tree fire will now require the 'Bonfired' prestige perk in order to burn logs The blood arena was removed Ironman accounts can now gamble with the Gypsy dealer however, winnings will not be doubled More desert bandits spawns were added Corporeal beast's passive defence effect with corpbane weapons was implemented The chances of obtaining a random event were changed from 1/650 to 1/600 During a nex mass, damages to minions will count toward nex damage A lot more cyclops spawns were added to the warrior guild Night-Gazer instances are now capped at 3 players per instance; unless a mass is active Various pet sacrifice values were lowered due to mass farming Edimmu's can now only be attacked on task RFD quest coin reward was changed from 150k to 500k Daily calender rewards were updated Vote books will now last 60 minutes rather than 15 minutes Vote tickets were removed from the loyalty store Clans now require you to earn 3000 clan XP to become "Active". Active members receive the clan buffs that are currently active, and also determine the length of the clan tasks. You can check if your active with the command ;;clanactivity (temporary until UI changes) Clan buffs for Raids have been changed: There are now buffs for every raid. The raid buffs now provide +10% drop rate for Rares from the raid. Media: ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Fixes: The demon lord will now drop items after the quest completion Fixed issue with the nex adventure task for Brawler Fixed issue with the smith bronze med helm skill pass task Fixed various issues with Dwarf multi cannon causing the cannon to not properly unregister or the items not being added back to the player NightGazer will no longer spawn in the slayer grounds Fixed issue with iron and steel bolts not working Fixed issue with night-gazer portals going to inaccessible areas Fixed some inconsistencies with the revenant and hard revenant achievements Fixed the attack animation for the torags brother Fixed an issue with the skill pass interface showing the wrong skill level Fixed the incorrect cooking level for rocktails Renewing a familiar will now properly heal it and cleanse it of any status effects Fixed Osmumten's fang regular and special attack formulas (regular attack now only rerolls if type is stab and special attack now increases attack roll by 50% instead of rerolling like regular) Eldritch, Volatile, and Harmonised nightmare staves can now be dismantled Fixed issue with rammernaut in a private instance teleporting back to the main instance Wearing the firemakers outfit will now grant a firemaking experience bonus Fixed issue with the world event achievement requirement Fixed the collection reward for smithing Fixed an issue with one of the zombie defenders boat Fixed issue with the Walton's cousin walton achievement Fixed the incorrect name when chopping a regular tree Fixed issue with the saradomin and guthix bird nest eggs being swapped Fixed issue with being given skill scrolls when playing the zombie defenders minigame Removed the duplicate boot items from the supreme mystery box Fixed issue with shooting star health not being visible when many players are near Fixed issues with some dragon spears Fixed the attack speed for dragon spears Many fixes and stability improvements for stretched mode have been implemented Fixed Vorkath's ranged/magic attack distances Sacrificing a pet with an attached special perk will no longer remove the perk Fixed improper calculations for the holy blessings pet perk Fixed issue with larran keys being given off wilderness task Fixed a few invalid trivia questionnaires Fixed some issues with a few collection logs Fixed issue with collection log completion amounts When casting a spell book teleport; required runes will now consider equipped staves and equipment Fixed an incorrect demon soldier drop amount Fixed an incorrect slayer teleport for black dragons Fixed an un-noting bug with enchanted armour set Special attack orb will now activate non-combat specials (dragon hatchet, harpoon, sol) Fixed issue with Fang of Chaos sidebar Fixed a few item values and incorrect bonuses/requirements
  9. Hello everyone, It's been a while since the last Staff Changes post, and a lot has changed, so without further ado, ๐Ÿ…Promotions Araxxor was promoted to Head Moderator. With this role, he will now carry the obligations of observing and managing our lovely staff members. Krios was promoted to Moderator. With this role, he gains access to more management tools, enabling him to assist with technical issues and monitor the well-being of Arigon. Chicken Nood, Nexum and Cubchoo were promoted to server support. In this role, they will mainly focus on assisting players with any questions or concerns they may have. On another note, we've also had a couple of staff members resign due to personal matters. We say farewell to James and Fly. It has been an honor having you both on the team, and we wish you nothing but the absolute very best in your future endeavors.
  10. I need help because my firewall is preventing me from downloading client. Says i must first โ€œtrustโ€ the issuer
  11. Hello everyone! I would like to start by apologizing for this update being constantly delayed; As many of you have noticed we have been having issues with low FPS in populated areas; as we've been growing steadily this issue has begun to worsen. We had to spend a significant amount of time looking into the issue and figuring out the most practical solution. We also spent a good portion of time rewriting the backend system for hiscores as it was horrendously slow. This patch doesn't have many new additions apart from the Special Orb and Boost card packs but it does contain a good amount of bug fixes and QOL changes. Rest assured we will be working on new content in the near future! ๐Ÿ†• Additions: Spec orb was added which can be interacted with to toggle active special attacks (can be hidden via the Game frame RL plugin) Booster card packs were added to the donator store and will provide a 60-minute boost for (luck, npc drops, accuracy, or damage) and each boost has 3 tiers (weak, normal, and strong) The option to open all was added to various boxes and bag items A new toggle was added in the game options interface for prestige perk messages The command ;;global was added for sending global messages (a temporary fix for those using the key-remapper plugin) Hiscores backend system for the website was re-done for faster load times; client/server support was also updated ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Tweaks: Pets will no longer render in highly populated areas (will always be able to see your own pet) Pets will no longer play graphics in highly populated Arigon points were renamed to Loyalty points (due to AP also standing for achievement points) Weapon game will now have multi-ip prevention checks Weapon game will now only reward achievements and tasks if at least one kill was acquired Last man standing and weapon game minigames rewards were increased All raid monsters will now be immune to poison Spawned more Dagannoths Spawned more Tzhaar creatures Turned entrance near DK to multi-combat Turned Tzhaar City to a multi-combat Added a few fruit tree drops to different npcs Re-wrote the system for all client timers A clan storage chest was added to the donator zone All Slayer helmets were given item values Increased coin casket prices in the skilling store Exiting Lucien's chambers will now have a warning dialogue (which can be disabled) More currency types were added to the currency wallet Attack cape will now count for the warrior guild if it's in the inventory The decanter will now drop items on the floor if the items can not be added TOL ice chiller now has a left-click option for the pond and braziers Golden Trivias will now be active more frequently Reduced the respawn time for red sandstones Wearing hati paws/mask will now reduce the chances of being frozen in the snowman miner area Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak eggs can now be used on the chicken shrine (for increased exp and skilling tickets) Ironmates raiding restriction was removed ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Fixes: Fixed an error which would break the LMS minigame Fixed issue with Scroll of Devastation not having a consume option Fixed issue with pickpocket locking Fixed issue with teak trees not being choppable Fixed issue with the Slayer perk scroll list Fixed issue with the event interface "back button" not working properly Fixed issue with primal and sandstone ore's requirement check not working properly Fixed issue with the discard contents button for looting bag not working Fixed issue with Kalphite queen dropping a loaned rune skirt Increased AOA drop rate for uniques Fixed issue with the new slayer helmets not being operatable Fixed issue with AOA collection logs Fixed issue with being stunned whilst the falling rocks are active in TOL Fixed issue with Ring of Wealth not having a drop option Fixed issue with all nex minions being able to damage Nex Added missing stats to Ardougne cloak 4 Added missing stats & animation/equip slot to Falador shield 4 Added missing stats/equip-slot to Explorer's ring 4 Added missing stats/equip-slot to Karamja gloves 4 Added missing stats to Varrock armour 4 Added missing magic requirement to Trident of the swamp (e) Added the empty option to tome of fire All wilderness weapons can now properly be dismantled Onyx bracelets can now be properly enchanted Fixed issue with cannon loss on deaths Fixed issue with the Iban's staff of terror achievement Fixed issue with the wilderness level achievement Fixed issue with the hard revenant's achievement Fixed issue with the Nudist raider achievement Fixed issue with Kalphite queen collection log not working Fixed the skeletal horror GD going negative and reset all negative GDs Fixed issue with runes in rune pouch not being recognized when using via the gear manager Fixed some issues with Lucien's attacks
  12. ๐Ÿ†• Additions: A new season 4 Battle pass was released! Added scarabs as a new slayer task Added a new slayer perk to increase supply crate drops on task by 25% Added a new slayer perk which unlocks the ability to re-color a full slayer helmet (e) Current supported slayer helmet re-colors are: kbd, vorkath, and abyssal Achievement for recoloring a slayer helmet was added Added some more validation checks when accepting a trade offer (teleporting/force moving/etc) Cletus' shop can now be accessed by Ironmans Wicked tree will no longer be damaged by recoils/vengeance A new monster perk was added which will automatically bank loot and slaughter key drops Teak trees were added to the woodcutting zone Powdered wig and flared trousers were added to the skillermen clothing store Golden hammer was added to the skill scroll loot table and will make smithing actions 1 tick faster God's insurance upgrader scroll was added to the donator store and will save all items except for coins and upgrade tokens Kamfreena can now exchange dragon defenders for 50 warrior guild points A new prestige perk, Master Smither was added which will reduce all smithing actions by 1 tick & 15% chance of not consuming materials ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Fixes: Fixed up the AOA loot issues Fixed issue with items not being announced for AOA Fixed issue with yell tag requirements Fixed issue with the drop option for the snail pet Fixed bonuses for the tokhaar-kal Fixed issue with imbued hearts not setting levels correctly once the time has run out Fixed the purchase requirements for the slaughter master cape Fixed issue with the dream log skillpass task Fixed issue with the agility laps adventure path task (any current progress will be reset) Fixed issue with lagor stun stacks Fixed issue with charging items via noted form Fixed a few achievements Fixed issue with onyx bolts Fixed issue with a few items not showing in the item itinerary Fixed issue with charging items via noted form Coins and experience will no longer be given when completing slayer tasks with locked experience Fixed base experience rates for a few runes ๐Ÿ”ฐ Quality of Life: The Battle pass interface was updated Reduced the cost of skipping levels for the battle pass The command ;;faq was added Final round matches in the tournament will now last twice as long All imbued magic capes now have their proper magic level requirement Dragonbone necklace will now properly restore prayer points when burying bones The ring of suffering imbued can now be charged God's upgrade scroll can now be traded Items can now be dropped in a nomad instance The collection log interface will now show the total collected item count Rewards for completing the LOG collection log were increased Spellcaster gloves can now be traded Barrows is now its own activity and will contain an overlay display current brother status Familiars can no longer be summoned in AOA Acquiring rare loot from the skill scroll will now do a global announcement message
  13. Hello fellow Arigoons๐Ÿ‘‹ This week we would like to announce two major additions to the game: Arena of Avatars & Achievement Rework! The Arena of Avatars [AoA] serves as an introduction to players who want to become better at raiding. However, the Hard Mode offers a more difficult challenge to fierce adventurers in our realm. With this new raid, players will gain access to two new rings, a new amulet that enhances all barrows sets alongside some new gloves with unique effects Moreover, the Achievement Rework is long overdue as we have had heavily outdated achievements, lacking in rewards or not resolvable anymore. We've also introduced a new category called Accolades that allows players to take on bosses but with a twist, such as taking down Bork with nothing but a steel longsword! If you don't have the length and can only wield your dagger, don't worry! There are still other challenges to complete. As the saying goes; it's not about the size, it's about the method ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would like to also mention how much we've grown in the last couple of weeks and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us from the very beginning, we eagerly look forward to the future! That's all for now everyone! Hope you enjoy the patch notes and as always, feel free to post suggestions or feedback in our Discord Server โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜ Additions: ;;rules command was added ;;starterguide command was added All Barrows sets added: Karils set will have a chance to double hit instead of its original effect of reducing agility level Torag hammers will always double hits when full set worn Amulet of the damned will now enhance all barrow set effects Amulet of brothers will greatly enhance all barrow set effects Rubber chicken weapon now fully works ๐Ÿ‘น Arena of Avatars: New raid constructed for beginners with forgiving mechanics and decent rewards Helper system for easy mode which will show instructions for mechanics Raid requires killing both avatars whilst keeping their hp within 2,000 of each other Various basic and special attacks Point point-based reward system which is capped at 50,000 points Dying in easy mode will not block re-entry access, but will remove 50% of points Unique Drops: Ring of Endurance: Requires stamina potions as charges and will automatically trigger the stamina potion effect when at 20% (consume 2 charges at a time) Ring of Shadows: Requires prayer potions as charges and will automatically trigger the prayer potion effect when at 20% prayer points (consume 2 charges at a time) Trident empowerment scroll: Can be used on a trident which will remove the use of any charges Goliath gloves: 5% Chance to turn the attack speed of a melee weapon to 1 Swift gloves: 5% Chance to turn the attack speed of a range weapon to 1 Spellcaster gloves: 5% Chance to turn the attack speed of a magic weapon to 1 ๐Ÿ“— Achievement Rework: The interface was updated to a paging system and a new function for filtering achievements by completion type was added Achievement progress will no longer reset on tier completions Player-killing achievement tasks were removed and replaced with wilderness-based tasks Items achievements were removed and replaced with creation-based tasks Weapon combo achievements were removed and replaced with accolade-based tasks Support for checking if a player has damaged an npc with a specific weapon was added Support was added for achievements that require multiple steps Many new achievements were added Completionist cape will now require 80% of tier completion rather than full achievements ๐Ÿฆ Pet perks: Many pet perks were given a fourth upgrade, which will now be the new max Auto-Battle pet perk will now do 350 attacks rather than 150 before going on cooldown The Discoverer: Chance increase of finding a clue or skill scroll Edging Death: Increase all accuracy and damage by 20% whilst under 15% health (does not work in PVP zones) โ˜˜๏ธ Prestige perks: Professional Deconstructor: 15% Chance to save the item when deconstructing Cheap Skiller: Reduce entry fee for all AFK activities by 20% Nest Head: Increase bird nest drops by 10% and automatically deposit them to the bank (if possible) ๐Ÿ’ธ Donators: Donator bundles will now no longer show the same bundles 2 days in a row A random Mystery box (regular, superior, or supreme) will now be given to every $100 donated A 95% Upgrader scroll was added to the donator store Both donator AFK activities (zone & dummies) are now accessible to Extreme donators ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Tweaks: Experience for killing slayer tasks was slightly reduced and the experience earned for task completion was greatly reduced Using water spells on Kraken now has a 1/3 chance to heal it for 1/3 the damage Players can now teleport directly out of the Vorkath activity Marketplace transaction prices will now be monitored and price details such as highest/lowest sold and the average price can be viewed when creating a listing A new option on the marketplace interface has been added to view certain item trade prices Server lockout for entering too many incorrect passwords was increased from 5 incorrect attempts to 10 Pickpocketing rewards were nerfed Experience rates were slightly updated for all ranks Items can now be dropped in the Kraken activity Ironmates can now pickup their ironmates dropped loot Wearing an amulet of avarice will now keep the skull permanent until removal Wearing an amulet of avarice will now note all revenant drops Hybriding tournament matches will last for 7 mins 30 seconds instead of 5 mins Players who skip a round during the tournament will now be unlocked Base voting rewards were buffed Amulet of the damned now has a 1/200 chance of being obtained from barrows Some junk items were removed from the barrows key and the amulet of the damned was added Some vote store item prices were updated The boosts from imbued hearts were buffed Fused Imbued Heart will now use 2 charges per use PoP drop rate boost was increased from 5% to 10% Clan drop rate boost modifier was increased from 3.5% to 5% Experience earned from donator combat dummies was increased Skilling with the skill experience being 200m will increase the skilling pet odds by 25% Elf warrior's aggressive radius was reduced to 2 tiles Samaden herb can now be stored in the herb sack The Bone preservation prestige perk will no longer work for wilderness altars The Saggitarian Perfect attack speed was reduced from 4 to 3 Drop rates for Kraken, Hunnleff, and Zulrah were updated ๐Ÿ Bug Fixes: Fixed issue with the damage calculation on tournament round end being inverse Fixed issue with skill pass claim-all button not working as intended Fixed issue with starter weapon only giving 1 of a stackable weapon instead of the amount they had Fixed Arrow Artisan to make fletching faster and properly Fixed Saradomin Godsword properly restoring prayer and health Full slayer helm (e) now allows you to toggle aggro, making all Task enemies aggressive towards you. Slayer helm tweaks to show on target dummy properly Bone Density perk fixed to work properly on noted bones Fixed Dragon Hunter Lance and Dragon Hunter Crossbow to work on KBD properly Fixed the success rate for red wine-making Fixed clue scroll pickup with full inventory and a clue box open in inventory Entering a raids portal message text changed from Junior Cadet ... to Activity Party Orb to avoid confusion Slayer duos now both need Thrill Seeker to claim a boss task (except Ironmates as they cannot solo slayer tasks at all) Fixed battlepass last level reward not completing if you finish battlepass first and then buy the premium Fixed for example buying 50x and not having enough buys none, now it will buy however much you can afford Rare rewards from raids will now be broadcast in the server-feed channel Fixed issue with Vorgast being moved out of position Fixed issue with the APR displayed for the top ironmates interface Fixed an error with Lagor the Thunderous' cursed attack Fixed an error when the Ice Chiller spawned its spiders Fixed an error with the firemaking action Fixed issue when depositing 28 items into the alchemist bench Fixed issue with the Saggitarian Perfect bow not utilizing it's set effect Fixed issue with welcome messages for new players Fixed issue with managing pet perks Fixed an issue with players not properly executing the disconnection method causing clan chat/pets/random events and others to not properly be removed Fixed issue with sleep stealer locking players from disconnecting Night-gazer bank area is now considered a bank zone Fixed issue with Larran keys being dropped by slayer monsters outside of the wilderness Fixed some issues with ring of wealth drop rate boosts Fixed issues with some NPC attacks and absorption 2FA lock will now also lock chat packets Fixed some issues with the alchemist bench Fixed issue with ruby bolts (e) Fixed issue with item charges resetting to max capacity value for imbued hearts Fixed an error caused by Nex Fixed lizardman shamans being able to teleport outside their map Saradomin bow will no longer do multi-hits on players Fixed issue with Zaryte and Dread crossbow
  14. Hello everyone! Today I would like to unveil the new game mode that will be added to Arigon along with a competition with cash prizes, Ironmates! ๐Ÿ“ Competition Details: Mark your calendars! The Ironmates game mode will be released on Friday, February 9th, at 2 pm EST. To celebrate the launch, we're hosting a competition with cash prizes for the top 5 pairs. The competition will run until March 15th, 2 pm EST. ๐Ÿ•น๏ธCompetition Mechanics: The competition will be determined by the average APR of both mates. APR, which stands for Account Progression Rate, takes into account various factors like total level, prestiges, collection logs, achievements, and miniquests. It assigns a rating to your account ranging from 0 to 100%. To track the leading mates during the competition, simply type ;;topmates. ๐Ÿ“‹ Competition Rules: Any form of progression assistance from individuals other than your designated duo partner is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification from the competition. โœ๏ธ Trading and Clan Storage: Ironmates can trade with each other. Utilize the clan storage for enhanced collaboration. ๐Ÿ“Š Experience Sharing: All experience earned will be split 50/50 between both accounts. Offline members' experience will be saved and added upon login. Duo slayer will be set on default; thus all slayer task progress is shared. ๐Ÿงฌ Prestige Synchronization: Both accounts need to prestige at the same time. ๐Ÿ”ฐ Proximity Perks: When Ironmates are within 10 tiles of each other, enjoy a +2.5% drop rate increase and a +25% experience boost. ๐Ÿšซ Restrictions: Ironmates will not be able to raid with anyone but their mate. ๐ŸŽ‰ Prizes: 1st place: $300 ($150 each) 2nd place: $200 ($100 each) 3rd place: $150 ($75 each) 4th place: $100 ($50 each) 5th place: $50 ($25 each) ๐ŸŽŠ Bonus Prizes: $50 ($25 each) - First mates to receive a full chaotic weapon set from Trials of Lagor $50 ($25 each) - First mates to receive a Vault of Bones mega-rare $50 ($25 each) - First mates to receive a full nex set $50 ($25 each) - First mates to a total of 75 prestiges (not combined) All prizes will be split between both mates and will be payable via Crypto, OSRSgp, or Arigon bonds. All prizes will be paid out on the event's end. Note: All staff members will be restricted from participating in this event as there will be a separate competition for them Best of luck to everyone, we are eager to watch the competition unfold! - Arigon Management
  15. Hello everyone! Today we would like to announce a new game that will be introduced to Arigon next Friday at 2 pm EST. This mode is Ironmates. This mode is for duo Ironmans that can trade with each other and use the shared clan storage. With this new mode all rates are halved as experience will be shared between both accounts. In honor of our newly released mode, we will be holding an official competition with cash prizes. The event will end on June 15th. The event will work by combining both APRs of both accounts into an average. The top 5 ironmates with the highest APR by the end date will win the competition. (Competition prizes will be shared between both accounts). More official details about the mode and restrictions will be released soon! Keep an eye out! โš ๏ธ Updated Rules โš ๏ธ After a lot of consideration, we've decided to no longer allow Real World Trading (RWT). All rules have been updated to signify this change; those attempting to RWT will now be punishable. ๐Ÿ˜ Additions: Battlepass S3 was released! All new players will now have a 5% drop rate buff and a 50% experience increase for 8 hours. (All existing players will also be given this buff) Overlay was added All players will now be granted 3 starter kits per PC, which includes the newcomer's boosts + an additional 2,000,000 starting coins. Completion of slayer tasks will now provide coin rewards to help newcomers trying to make some gp Jugs of water was added to the skiller store Ancient curse mask can now be purchased for 200k by speaking to Effigy if lost Players can now downgrade their rank by speaking to Dr. De rank (found at stores). He will give you the option to select one of the ranks under your current rank, which costs 1 De rank token purchasable from the donator store Added Zulrah slayer task Added Vorkath slayer task A new clan modifier was added which will increase the chances of clue scroll drops by 20% Server events store was added which will cost event points; event points will be given as rewards for participating in staff-hosted community events (ironman accounts have different stores that does not contain items to skip boss grinds) Wines can now be made (supports proper experience delaying and task will pause on logout), the achievement was also added ๐Ÿ’ธ Donator: A new bundle, Melee pet perk pack was added (includes Fast hands perk, Fighter's fury perk (t1), Melee striker perk (t1), 350 Achievement points) A new bundle, Range pet perk pack was added (includes Rapid fire perk, Sharpshooter perk (t1), Range striker perk (t1), 350 Achievement points) A new bundle, Mage pet perk pack was added (includes Spellcaster perk, Arcanist's vision perk (t1), Magic striker perk (t1), 350 Achievement points) Mystery box (regular) and Mystery box (supreme) have both had substantial buffs with the addition of new items and increased rates on rates ๐Ÿ“Š Upgrader: Fang of Chaos: Upgraded osmuten's fang; will hit two hits utilizing the fang passive effect with the second hit being halved in damage. Attack speed was also reduced by one, making it a 4 tick weapon. Also has the ability to bypass the magic only attack requirement for the night gazer rechargers Scythe of Blood: Sacrifices the users health for extremely accurate hits with a 1/5 chance of dealing high bleed damage. Special attack will deal an insane amount of bleed and will heal user for 50% of their maximum health, special attack cost is 50% Dread crossbow: High chance for base hits to proc bolts, special attack will target multiple enemies Crimson eclipse: BIS mage shield โ˜˜๏ธ Prestige perks: Magnificent Mugger: Never fail a pickpocket or alert guards when thieving from ardougne stalls Dustman: Maximum salvage dust amount will be increased by 15% ๐Ÿฆ Pet perk: Status voider: Special perk attached to the night gazer pet which has % Chance to prevent custom status effects & avoid Night gazer mechanics ๐Ÿ‘บ Night Gazer: Night Gazer has over 12 unique attacks, with various phases. This is a group boss activity. Night Gazer has 5 available instances to enter, all costing 500kgp entrance fee. Night Gazer drops many items used for current BIS weapon upgrades Drops: Chaos fang core: New item used for the Fang of Chaos upgrade Night Gazer bones: New bones introduced that give the most experience possible Night Gazer chunk: New item used for the Dread crossbow upgrade Chaos fang core: New item used for the Fang of Chaos upgrade Amulet of night fury: Fury based amulet with increased defensive bonuses with a 1/25 chance to reflect incoming damage Night-Gazer's heartstring: New item used on the Arcane stream necklace for a stronger variant Night-Gazer's tooth: Used on an amulet of fury to create Amulet of night fury: Fury based amulet with increased defensive bonuses with a 1/25 chance to reflect incoming damage Toxic vial of blood: Used as an upgrade requirement for the Scythe of blood Night Gazer pet ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Tweaks: Darklight will now dispel Tormented demon's shield even if any of the hits miss The cost of sponsoring a marketplace store was reduced from 20m to 10m gp Using the alchemy spell on a pet will now provide a dialogue warning prompt Auto Battler pet perk will now go on a 2-hour cooldown after performing 150 attacks (increments are based of NPC health, 0 1,000 = 1, 1,001 2,499 = 2, 2,500+ = 3) All accounts with less than 12 hours of playtime can purchase their lost items free of charge Vote books will now provide a 2.5% drop rate increase and a 50% experience increase but the duration has decreased from 30 minutes to 15 minutes A delay has been added when opening chest in VOB (will be almost unnoticeable) Teleport crystal now works in LOG Shizoku magic defenses lowered Wearing Nightshade helm makes you immune to Nex's cough mechanic Boss slayer tasks no longer use restriction levels meaning you can be assigned any boss task Right-clicking the Bank Vault at the bottom of your Bank now has working options to quickly Deposit/Withdraw funds Splashing with magic weapons that have their own spell now properly counts towards hits on enemies like Crystalline Hunleff Clue scrolls will now only be dropped by NPCs with 500 health or more Wicked butterfly net was given a value of 1,250,000 Goblins from LOG will now spawn every 2 ticks on hard mode compared to easy which is every 5 ticks Made unrestricted tasks level gap 35 instead of 30 to account for some high-tier mobs at level 65 slayer (saggitares etc) Void helmets value reduced to the proper amount Fountain no longer reduces your buffed stats Merchant walton's maximum item value purchase was increased from 10m to 100m items Merchant walton will now purchase items for 25% more than the previous Items alched within the Donator Alchemist bench will now be alched for 25% more of current alch values Vote store had some items added, including donator bonds and mystery boxes Zaryte crossbow has received an accuracy buff Saradomin bow was reworked; it will no longer have aoe capabilities and instead will fire 3 very accurate shots with lower damage and a slower fire rate Quest Tab: Complete quest tab UI overhaul Quest tab widget system was changed Miniquest tab was moved into the main quest tab Tools tab was moved to the original miniquest tab Fixes: Fixed issue with items not rendering in the alchemist bench Twisted bow fixed to work properly on Shizoku in VOB Blood nex final phase size is now 3x3 as it should be Fixed Inquisitor set buff set to 15% accuracy and damage (5% per piece) Fixed an issue where players in the welcome activity would be disconnected Fixed the issue with not being able to use the altar in bossing instance Fixed an incorrect message when Vorkath is respawning Cursed magic logs can now be traded Dream logs can now be traded and noted Fixed raw and burnt fury sharks not having a drop option All halos are now tradeable Mining vouchers were removed from the mining collection log Using the slayer portal to get to King black dragon will now teleport directly to the cave Fixed issues with pets sometimes vanishing when trying to pick them up Battle Pass XP gain bug fixed when max level Max cape now has the proper requirements of either being max level in each skill OR having the skill prestiged at least once Crystalline Hunleff no longer counts typeless damage as a hit Client: An overlay was added for skill scrolls Added BoB (Pack yack) storage to Shift plugin, can now "Store All" by holding Shift Game timers now support showing durations above 60 minutes A new lock config was added for re-sizing info boxes
  16. Changes: Drop rates for nearly all bosses buffed and reworked individually Blood nex drops were fixed Fixed drop rate charms on purchase/use showing incorrect values (showed 1% for extreme, now shows 10% properly) Wearing full Crystal Armour and a normal Bow of Faerdhinen will now give a set bonus of +10% accuracy and damage. (20% for full Corrupted Crystal and Corrupted Bow of Faerdhinen) Fixed issue with auto-retaliate taking 1-2 extra ticks to react Fixed issue with cave behemoth collection log not triggering Buffed experience rates for the donator afk dummy Fixed issue with ornate granite maul not triggering the daily task Fixed with mithril bar daily task displaying smith "gold bar" instead of mithril Donator Alchemist bench now has a message when full Slayer teleport location using ::slayer or CTRL + S adjusted Fixed bug with Divine Pet perk increasing luck more than intended in certain scenarios Holding Shift over an essence pouch now gives the option to "Empty" Raids scaling update LOG and TOL raids have scaling reduced to 45% now per player Goblin Emperor now reduces health by 10% per phase, total health reduced Skeldrax transformation delay increased considerably Fixed issue with Angry goblins from VOB targeting dead raiders Drop Viewer updated to work dynamically: Drop viewer will now show base drop rate values for all bosses/mobs more accurately Drop viewer can be toggled to show your drop rate with your LUCK/DROPRATE bonus applied, for now you can do this using the command "::toggledr" DEVELOPER NOTES: UI changes to Drop Viewer for an interface Button to toggle using your drop rate in the Drop Viewer instead of a command, and removing the message about 10 million simulations coming next update
  17. Additions: Achievement Codex & Ancient Altar objects added to the boss instance zone. Introduced Activity Party Orb for managing activity parties. New interface for viewing all active parties, filterable by activity type and party status. Party privacy settings now include options for open, friends only, clan only, and invite only. Donators: Demonic dungeon portal was added for Extreme donators, teleporting directly to the dungeon's end. Super donators can now pay the potion master to create unfinished potions. Skill scrolls re-roll feature for Extreme donators+, with roll amounts based on donator rank. Exclusive coin stalls are introduced for all donator ranks. Elite donators+ gain access to the alchemist bench for automatic item alchemy into gp, with process rate varying by rank. Elite donators+ can use the donator AFK zone for training in crafting, summoning, smithing, fishing, and hunter. Extreme donators+ now have access to AFK dummies for combat skill training. Tweaks: Added options for removing a primary clan upon receiving the prevention message when setting a primary clan. Mighty ghosts no longer drop monster tickets or access the rare-drop table. Magic effectiveness increased by 65% against Shizoku from VOB. Nex bank is now accessible for 250,000gp, with teleportation to blood nex costing 500,000gp. Heart of Monstrosity drop rate changed from 1/1000 to 1/750. 5% marketplace tax introduced. LMS gear is now saved to the player, eliminating the need for preset changes in the lobby. Adjusted Nomads' drop rates and Clue Scroll rare rates. Updated Poison combat task with proper checks; stackable poison tasks removed. Zamorak bow bounce radius increased from 4 to 5. Monsters in the Demonic dungeon no longer drop monster tickets. Achievement codex now features multiple right-click options for quick access. Claiming vote rewards now opens the loot opener. Nex's darkness attack cooldown is set to 20 ticks. Refined the drop rate system for more accurate results. The top 15 clan members on the information page are now based on active members. Restoration pool usage no longer resets autocast. BGS defense reduction message corrected. Updated description of Dragon Tamer pet perk. Avernic defender hilt made tradeable. Auto-battler pet perk pulse rate changed from 10 ticks to 6. The attack speed of the undead staff from Zombie defenders adjusted. The entry price to the AFK zone increased. Raid Scaling: Reworked NPC level scaling for more impactful differences. HP scaling is now fully operational. Easy mode raids have 30% less health than Hard mode. Health scaling in raids increases by 75% per extra player. Adjusted base health for various TOL and LOG bosses (reduced by approx. 30%). Health %, rather than fixed amounts, now triggers form changes in VOB NPCs. Ice chiller's strong magic attack is always accurate; heals for half the damage dealt if not prayed against. Reduced spider spawns for Ice chiller. Fixed scaling issues for some LOG bosses. Added scaling to TOL Puzzle rooms. Delayed Lagor the Thunderous's falling rock attack by 1 tick. Fixes: Resolved the animation error with snakelings, preventing them from becoming invisible upon spawn. Corrected inaccuracies in bestiary statistics. Addressed the malfunction in the sanctifying fighter monster perk. Updated the blazing blowpipe to have the correct attack animation. Rectified the issue with the tormented demons monster killing achievement not tracking properly. Fixed unresponsive items within the skiller backpack. Aerial-fishing activity will now close as intended. Resolved the death skeleton consume task from VOB persisting outside its intended activity zone. Items dropped within the VOB activity will no longer always drop in stacks of one. Corrected the attack check process for all god bows. Amended an incorrect answer in the trivia bot. Fixed the pet perk upgrade message error and the non-refreshing issue in the achievement tab upon point consumption. Large spade's messaging was corrected when attempting to dig. Resolved an issue with the pet perk deactivation prompt. Fixed a bug where zombie defender zombies were getting stuck outside the map. All gilded items have been assigned values. Addressed the inability to attack opponent's familiars. Refined the calculation formula for god bows. Adjusted the reward mechanism for the blood nex achievement. Fixed all imbued heart related issues. Dragonstone bracelet skillpass task is now tracking correctly. Added a drop option to the ring of power. Adjusted the size display for WildyWyrm and the third phase of Nex. Fixed the issue with demonic dungeon activity not initiating correctly upon arrival. The demon lord is now accessible with the use of a key on the trapdoor. Necromancer pet has been added to the Necromancer's drop table. Corrected the drop option for thick plumera hide. Nex armour over-heal effect now properly factors into HP level regression. The Amulet of magic (t) is now equippable. The Cavalier mask has been made tradeable. Set the correct cooking level requirement for karambwans. Resolved the issue with the fletching burnt logs skill scroll task not tracking. Fixed the bug with cave behemoth's overhead prayers being active. Client: Fixed the display issue with drops appearing on top of higher-level enemies. The "Highest level on top" feature in the Attack Options plugin is now fully functional across all scenarios. Players' avatars will no longer be rendered underneath pets or familiars. Disabled the ability to "Cast" spells manually onto your pet (requires Follower plugin activation). Removed the "Attack" option on your own familiar when in the wilderness.
  18. Hello Dear Arigoons, We hope this message finds you amid thrilling battles and exciting adventures in Arigon. We hope you've also had enough time to embrace this new year of 2024! Today, we're thrilled to announce a significant and dynamic change to the combat environment. Our primary goal with this rebalancing effort is to create an ever-shifting meta, ensuring that the Arigon combat experience remains fresh, challenging, and engaging for all players. We understand the importance of diversity in strategies, tactics, and playstyles, and we believe that this rebalancing initiative will contribute significantly to achieving that goal. This opens up new doors for new weapons and metas to take the throne. We plan on adding many new additions in the future so stay tuned! Key Highlights of the Combat Rebalancing: ๐Ÿ’Additions: Ring of the gods can now be imbued via the ring imbue scroll Tyrannical ring can now be imbued via the ring imbue scroll Treasonous ring can now be imbued via the ring imbue scroll New loyalty title & achievement was added for killing blood nex Fine tuned: Consumes less special attack on use (does not work in PvP zones) ๐Ÿ“ŠUpgrader: Scythe of retributions: A stronger variant of the scythe of vitur, special attack will increase prayer by 75% and cause the target to bleed Twisted bow of darkness: Uses the twisted bow passive effect while shooting twice (second hit max is halved) Ring of the gods: combines the stat bonuses of various rings Ember pickaxe: 1/15 chance to smelt mined ores (does not count as true smithed action) Veinstrike pickaxe: Includes the gilded pickaxe effect, 1/10 chance to double mined ore, 1/15 chance to smelt mined ores (does not count as true smithed action) Blazing blowpipe: Slightly stronger variant & does not require zulrah scales ๐Ÿ› ๏ธTweaks Values of all VOB rings were increased Masori's assembler was given proper stats Masori's assembler now has a 95% chance of not consuming arrows Ava's destructor was given ranged strength Elder chaotic accuracy debuff was reduced from 25% to 5% and max damage decreased by 8.5% Dust requirement for constructing upgrader items was increased Auto battler pet perk will no longer pulse at home All pet perks have been given values according to their final upgrade cost (1ap = 125k) All pet perk items now have an examine message based on their perk effect All raid-specific items that have been dropped will now stay alive for 10 minutes Fixed issue with god bows rolling on melee defence A new sidebar was created to handle Scythe of vitur; the stab option was replaced with slash Tribrid boots and shadowfeather striders were given proper magic attack and defence bonuses Ice chiller demon's magic attack was always supposed to freeze a player; however due to previously incorrect magic code his attack almost always failed. However, due to complaints the freeze was removed and replaced with high magic damage. Abyssal dagger special requirement was reduced from 50% to 25% Voidwaker damage calculation was tweaked (only applies for npcs) Addressed a few issues with magic calculations Fixed issue with tumeken sang staff max hit when fighting dummy Fixed an issue with detaching perks from pets WildyWyrm now has a guaranteed drop every 50 kills Nex drop rates were slightly reduced Blood nex will have higher drop rates and the blood diamond is part of its drop table Volcanic spike was added to the wilderness loot key table Familiars will now only attack in multizones (no more single-combat zones) Kodai wand was added to the LOG raid loot table Ossius' drop table was buffed ๐ŸFixes Fixed dragon spear being able to move combat dummies Dragon spear (p++) now works as intended Fixed dragon crossbow not utilizing ring of vigor Fixed the issue with attacking other players showing the mismatched activity message Fixed issue with Ultimate Ironman accounts being unable to change prayer or magic Skilling and bossing mystery boxes now have their open all option Fixed dialogue message when examining monster drop charms via the store and removed the option prompt when purchasing All donator boxes and grand chests will now have a simulation prompt when viewing their value through the donation store Fixed issue with upgrade scroll requirement calculation Fixed issue with medium slayer tasks not counting towards the daily tasks Fixed issue with prestige point amount in quest tab showing the wrong value Elidini's ward missing a 3% magic damage bonus was added Fixed issue with telekentic grab magic spell pathing Ancient godsword special attack effect will now only activate if it is accurate All weapons will now properly utilize the ring of vigor effect Fixed issue with godwars minions not ignoring when wearing god items Fixed issue with clue scroll locations Spectral spirit shield will now reduce nex's prayer-draining attack correctly Radiant spirit shield will reduce nex's prayer draining attack by 3 instead of 2 Radiant spirit shield was given its required +20 magic attack bonus Chaotic staff now has its 80 attack wield requirement Fixed issue with smithing clan task being completed almost instantly Fixed issue with daily smithing task not progressing correctly "Mark" in VOB will no longer be the top option for stacked enemies Fixed potential issue with invisible npcs in slayer grounds Announcements now can be configured to close after X minutes in the Game Announcements plugin under "Clear history after".
  19. Pet Perks: Introduced a new dialogue interface for managing and viewing perks. Adding an already-attached pet now prompts for un-attachment. Pet perks can be upgraded without the required pet being active. Pet perks can be refunded for 50% of their purchase price, including all upgrade tiers. Pet perks can now be withdrawn in their item form. Added shortcuts for quick navigation in the new menu. Passive effect perks no longer rely on a static variable; they pulse and save independently (cooldowns only decrease if the perk is active and will save on logout). Perks on cooldown are now indicated in the pet examination interface. New perks added: Vengeful Vengeance: Reduces cooldown of casting the Vengeance spell. Auto Battler: Attacks surrounding NPCs if applicable (not functional in PvP or instanced zones). Clans: Players must set a clan as their primary clan to contribute to clan tasks and receive benefits. Setting a primary clan incurs a 36-hour cooldown. Members must contribute to a clan task every 72 hours to maintain active status. Clan task requirements now scale with the number of active members. Additions: Crossing guards in Varrock, Barbarian Village, and Draynor Village now costs 25k gp. Added ;;restorescrolls command to reset bugged skill scrolls for old accounts. Catching implings/butterflies now has a 1/20 chance to yield Catch Essence. Bird nests can now be crushed with a pestle and mortar. Additional donator bundles were added. Upgrader and Upgrade insurance scrolls were added to the constructor. Upgrader addition: Wicked Butterfly Net: 50% increase in catch rate, no jars needed, and a 50% increased chance for Catch Essence. Tweaks: The cost of featuring a store increased to 20m gp. Various PoP boost values increased. Experience PoP boost percentage increased. Multi-logging in the same party is now restricted for all 3 raids (LOG, TOL, VOB). Magic formula/calculations were completely reworked. Completed achievements are now viewable. Machine mechanism interface for VOB updated with gear color indicators. Eternal ring experience completion now shows as a message, not a dialogue. Elder Chaotic Maul accuracy was reduced by 25%. Tumeken's Sanguinesti Shadow now hits multiple times on large NPCs in single-way combat. Amulet of Doubling was renamed to Amulet of Rolls to avoid confusion. All chaotic weaponry is now 15% more accurate for respective classes against VOB monsters. All chaotic shields yield a 15% defensive bonus against VOB monsters. Critical Striker perks now inflict half of the dealt damage. Weapon game clears all ground items post-match. Store purchase limit increased from 10,000 to 50,000. Mystery boxes now have a right-click 'open all' option. Updated drop rates for regular and supreme mystery boxes (increased rare chances). Fixes: Resolved issues with player files not saving correctly under certain conditions. Addressed an issue with bolt effects. Corrected clue scroll rare item message discrepancies. Fixed incorrect wilderness task quantities. Resolved collection log achievement tracking issues. Addressed Zulrah cloud hitting twice in one tick and interactions with Nightshade Helm. Adjusted VOB barrier passing rules post-raid completion, regardless of death or marked status. Fixed invisibility of Nex's 'fear the shadow' attack. Resolved issues with dying in LOG raid while already dead. Lagor the Thunderous's cursed attack no longer affects dead raiders. Adjusted Dragon Hunter Lance attack speed from 5 to 4. Addressed Dwarf Cannon's excessive attack message issue. Corrected NPC drop charm messages in the store. Resolved specific boss fighter perk issues. Fixed an incorrect TOL chest question. Addressed issues with the Swift Jeweler perk. Resolved Goblin Emperor's barrel bomb affecting dead players. Delayed effect initiation of Lagor the Thunderous's cursed attack by 1 tick. Fixed the Corporeal Beast clue scroll step. Resolved issues with charging the Ranged Imbued Heart. Corrected the calculation method for insurance upgrade scrolls. Fixed the zombie defenders achievement. Addressed NPC de-spawning issues (affecting Slayer ground). Ensured bone sacrifice doesn't end prematurely due to bone preservation perks. Removed the special bar from Tumeken's Shadow Staffs. Addressed server lag caused by Discord announcement messages. Client: Fixed NPCs/Bosses showing enemies underneath them on right/left click. Adjusted 'Highest Level on Top' to prevent items from obscuring enemies. Ground Items plugin: Highlighted items now appear at the top of the loot pile when highlighted using ALT. Entity Hider now doesn't hide your pet when attackers are hidden. Entity Hider settings updated to hide pets when 'Hide Pets' is selected.
  20. i love the skilling scroll update! keep up
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