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    • In light of the recent controversies surrounding data privacy and online security, what are the ethical implications of downloading clients? Do you think it is justifiable to compromise on personal data for the sake of convenience or better functionality? ___ [b]This message was posted with [color=green]XRumer 23 StrongAI[/color] - the world-best software for mass posting, registering, captchas solving [/b]
    • Is the Future of Arigon in Virtual Reality? ___ [b]This message was posted with [color=green]XRumer 23 StrongAI[/color] - the world-best software for mass posting, registering, captchas solving [/b]
    • Hello Everyone, with the most recent update I thought I'd inform everyone of some new Staff changes. We have Four promotions and One resignation during this time. Promotions Supports: - Crown. - Wtf Kid.  Moderator: - Unknown - Shadow helps/ Gim shadow Resigned: - Chalybs: He was a great member of the staff team, always helpful and supportive to each player. He helped build the community, He is always welcomed and will be missed. Thank you everyone! We hope to see you ingame! Have fun, Keep grinding, and Good Luck!  
    • 💸  Donations: A new Donator rank was added; Mythic Donator A new Mystery box (Mythic) was added to the donator store A new equipment slot for wings was added and a few wing models were added to the donator store (equipment slot can be hidden via the game frame plugin) Mythic mystery boxes were added to the random free box roll for every $100 spent Free daily mystery boxes will now roll a random mystery box based on your rank 📽️ Media:   ☘️ Prestige: The prestige cap has been increased to 25 from 10 Base points per prestige has reduced (50 = normal, 60 = adventurer, 75 = challenger) Prestige experience reduction was reduced from 5% per prestige to 3% (maximum experience reduction of 75% at 25th prestige) Prestige levels will now be viewable when hovering over a skill in the skill tab A prestige plugin was added which will recolor skill tab levels to prestige level color A colossal rune essence pouch was added to the prestige store Perks: Key Banker: 25% Chance to bank earned loot keys Herb Cleaner: Clean all grimy herbs in an instant action Social Skiller: Earn additional experience for each nearby friend Ball Dipper: Allows you to dip 3 cannonball bars at once Long Term Thief: 35% Chance to note all stolen items Speedy Scribin': Page scribing action speed reduced by 1 tick  📽️ Media:   👹 Slayer: Slayer difficulties were removed All Slayer tasks are now attached to a specific Slayer monster A new interface was constructed for when selecting a slayer task (ability to choose master, length, restrictions and will display potential points earned) The slayer accelerant pet perk was now changed to a % instead of a fixed value Base slayer points were slightly increased New perk: Slayer Master: 1% Chance of instantly killing any enemy below half hp on task Lunar Creatures (allows obtaining lunar creatures as a slayer task) Larran Collector: Increase Larran's key drop chances on wild task by 35% Boundless Killer: Ignore all slayer monster level requirements (attacking only) Supply Crated: 10% Chance of receiving a supply crate drop on task kill Long Term Slayer: 35% Chance of kills not counting toward task New Tasks: Lunar creatures Rogue Ice Titan/Rogue Giant Ent/Rogue Giant Chinchompa Ice protector/ Ice ranger Mutated bloodveld Jade Vine  📽️ Media:   🐙Sea Kraken: Hunting fish via aerial fishing will now eventually summon the Sea Kraken The Sea Kraken can only be damaged whilst using a falcon The Sea Kraken will spawn vines which players must avoid The Sea Kraken will spawn sea slugs that heal her which will need to be captured via a Box trap Defeating the Sea Kraken will yield Sea Kraken chests containing many supplies and rewards  📽️ Media:   🌲Hespori: Players can help spawn hespori by planting seeds in the planter box There is a 10% chance of hespori being cursed when summoned; which doubles his health and damage but will yield more rewards Hespori can not be damaged by normal combat means; requiring a specific method to be damaged Hespori has a shield that must be brought down before it can be damaged    📽️ Media:   🔹 Seren: Group boss with various mechanics (contains achievements, collection logs, and drops): Will teleport randomly around the map, will mark its teleport location, and if within its teleport you will be damaged Will spawn tornados for each player in the instance, must avoid them Will shoot deadly magic attack directly at your tile, must move to avoid Will bring down walls on a selected target. must break out by mining the rock Will shock all targets if they don't avoid the projectile Will shoot powerful range attacks to all targets, damage can be avoided by protecting range Will shoot base magic attacks, damage can be decreased by protecting magic  📽️ Media:    🎰 Item Upgrader: The interface was updated for better organization Volatile masori armor set: Will build up power by dealing damage and will unleash AOE damage to nearby targets (only applies for NPCs) Royal Ancestral: Additional 5% magic accuracy & damage for each worn piece (all 3 pieces will yield an additional 5% for a total of 20%) Doomcore Staff: Slow fire rate but will shoot a powerful attack that will hit nearby targets Omni Tome: Will increase elemental spell damage by 75% Swift Secateurs: 2x Experience rates, 35% more farming crop yield, and automatically bank all farming harvests. Fighter torso of Shadows: Increased bonuses  📽️ Media:    👺Monster Perks: The interface will now have a small red/green icon displaying if the perk is active or not The interface now has text displaying how many total perks have been unlocked Perks: Domino Effect: 20% chance that defeated enemies of size 1 explode on death, dealing damage to nearby enemies Pet Seeker: 15% Drop rate increase for all boss pets Crystal Sharter: Increase crystal shard drop amounts by 20%    📽️ Media:   🆕Additions: New daily tasks were added Pets can now automatically be insured on npc drop by speaking to the pet guy A new PoP boost was added: Increase clan points by 50% ;;gear will now open the wiki page More clan tasks were added Vault of Bones Madness mode was released (introduces new volatile stone drop) Royal Magic Amulet: Every 6th magic attack will have a 30% increase in accuracy and damage (does not work on players) Elemental Tomes: Air, water, and earth tomes have been added which will increase elemental spell damage by 50% Each elemental tome must have its required page created; which can be done by fletching a blank page (via burnt logs) and then inscribing the element of your choice Omni tome was added which contains the elemental power of air, water, earth, and fire and will increase spell damage by 75% Pristine Fishing Gear: Increased experience rates when fishing Fishing tomes were added New POP boost: Increased the amount of bossing tickets by 20% Booster cards can now be upgraded via the upgrader Raids were removed from the minigame spotlights and now have their own spotlight Giant Roc and Lexicus now have their collection logs Monthly check-in rewards will now have a mega reward for collecting 80% of the month's rewards  📽️ Media:   ✅ Achievements: The following achievements were added: Ice Trolls: Requires killing ice trolls Sea Kraken: Requires defeating the Sea kraken Aerial Fishing: Requires catching fish using the aerial fishing method Prestige Mastery: Requires reaching maximum prestige in a skill Barrows Mosh Pit Mastery: Requires surviving all 30 waves Volatile Masori: Requires successfully upgrading a full set of masori Fighter Torso of Shadows: Requires successfully a fighter torso Swift Secateurs: Requires upgrading a pair of golden magic secateurs Slayer Monsters: Requires killing assigned slayer monsters Doomcore Staff: Requires creating a doomcore staff Royal Ancestral: Requires upgrading a full set of ancestral Falcon Whisperer: Requires kills via a Falcon Cannonball Dipper: Requires dipping cannonball bars Page Scribing: Requires scribing elements into a blank page   🛠️Tweaks: CTRL is no longer required for pressing actions on skilling dialogue interface Pressing the spacebar with the skilling dialogue interface open will execute your last action The Larran's holder monster perk will now attempt to deposit into looting back if applicable Slayer perks can now be toggled on/off (due to this all currently unlocked slayer perks will need to be manually activated) Dwarven rock cake now has a `Guzzle` option which will take the player directly to 1 hp Weekly task base AP reroll cost was reduced from 3 to 2 Daily/Weekly tasks can now be rerolled with coins or AP (each reroll will increase the cost of the next reroll) Lizardman shamans zone is now multicombat The formula for BOFA/Crystal was reworked (previously incorrect) Sagittarian arrows equip requirement was reduced from 99 range to 75 Due to the regular mystery box being far easier to obtain, collection log rewards were reduced The calculation for monster ticket amounts has been adjusted: lower level NPCs will drop tickets at much lower rates, while higher level NPCs will drop more tickets Barrows mosh pit npc scaling and spawn amounts were reduced Skulling was adjusted and will now skull at the start of any attack action Ironmates & GIM clans cost for skipping a clan task was reduced to 1 CP Fishing equipment that has experienced modifications will now properly count for aerial fishing Change price of cooking gauntlets in prestige store Falconry activity will now allow for direct teleporting out Falcons can now be equipped outside of designated areas if the Falcon Whisperer achievement is complete Falcons no longer need to be returned for falconry or aerial fishing activities Sacred Harpoon now has an item value Dragon darts were added to Zulrah's drop table and Vorkath's drop amount was increased Radiant spirit shield will now halve all damage from TOL falling rocks Radiant spirit shield now has a 10% chance of reflecting 25% of incoming damage Skill scroll impling task amounts were drastically reduced Collection log will now detect when a log is not correct and will display a "sync" button Clan task types can now be selected when obtaining a clan task Game options for combat auto-close have now been defaulted as disabled Daily roll chances for exotic rewards were increased Donator world boss will now spawn every 3 hours instead of 5 - Monthly check-in rewards were updated   🐝Fixes: Fixed issue with omni-staff rate calculation Fixed issue with battle pass claiming Fixed various issues with the Slayer task plugin Fixed a few issues for Slayer task groupings Larran's key was removed from the Elder Chaos Druid collection log Fixed the Ice Troll collection log Fixed the incorrect sacred harpoon ID in the skiller's backpack Fixed issue with the cannonball smelting achievement (not tracking the correct ball amount) Fixed issue with bloodshed dragonfire shield noting Fixed issue with incorrect dragon chain body found from daily rewards Fixed the incorrect skill scroll level for cooking manta rays Fixed a spelling mistake with the Vorgast wilderness board task The loot opener will now properly check if items addable to the bank are within the allocated bank space Fixed issue with pet perk preset donator slots Fixed issue with a red skulling bug Fixed incorrect daily task TTK requirement for Cerberus Fixed some incorrect prices in the agility store Fixed issue with shooting starts not properly despawning Fixed issue with the Pet Synergy achievement Fixed the issue with Bofa not checking for charges correctly Spiritweed was removed from the herblore collection log Various invalid items were removed from the summoning collection log Fixed multiple issues with collections logs (not tracking properly, invisible items) Withdrawing a rune essence from a rune pouch will now check for the appropriate level Coif crafting now appropriately requires soft leather rather than hard leather Fixed issue with the bronze resolve achievement Fixed issue with drops not trigger for Giant roc and Lexicus