[2024.02.23] Game Updates #12 - Arena of Avatars, Achievement Re-work, & More!


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Hello fellow Arigoons👋

This week we would like to announce two major additions to the game: Arena of Avatars & Achievement Rework!
The Arena of Avatars [AoA] serves as an introduction to players who want to become better at raiding. However, the Hard Mode offers a more difficult challenge to fierce adventurers in our realm. With this new raid, players will gain access to two new rings, a new amulet that enhances all barrows sets alongside some new gloves with unique effects

Moreover, the Achievement Rework is long overdue as we have had heavily outdated achievements, lacking in rewards or not resolvable anymore. We've also introduced a new category called Accolades that allows players to take on bosses but with a twist, such as taking down Bork with nothing but a steel longsword! If you don't have the length and can only wield your dagger, don't worry! There are still other challenges to complete. As the saying goes; it's not about the size, it's about the method 😉 

I would like to also mention how much we've grown in the last couple of weeks and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us from the very beginning, we eagerly look forward to the future!

That's all for now everyone! Hope you enjoy the patch notes and as always, feel free to post suggestions or feedback in our Discord Server ❤️ 

😍 Additions:

  • ;;rules command was added
  • ;;starterguide command was added
  • All Barrows sets added:
  •  Karils set will have a chance to double hit instead of its original effect of reducing agility level
  •  Torag hammers will always double hits when full set worn
  • Amulet of the damned will now enhance all barrow set effects
  • Amulet of brothers will greatly enhance all barrow set effects
  • Rubber chicken weapon now fully works

👹 Arena of Avatars:

  • New raid constructed for beginners with forgiving mechanics and decent rewards
  • Helper system for easy mode which will show instructions for mechanics
  • Raid requires killing both avatars whilst keeping their hp within 2,000 of each other
  • Various basic and special attacks
  • Point point-based reward system which is capped at 50,000 points
  • Dying in easy mode will not block re-entry access, but will remove 50% of points
  • Unique Drops:
    • Ring of Endurance: Requires stamina potions as charges and will automatically trigger the stamina potion effect when at 20% (consume 2 charges at a time)
    • Ring of Shadows: Requires prayer potions as charges and will automatically trigger the prayer potion effect when at 20% prayer points (consume 2 charges at a time)
    • Trident empowerment scroll: Can be used on a trident which will remove the use of any charges
    • Goliath gloves: 5% Chance to turn the attack speed of a melee weapon to 1
    • Swift gloves: 5% Chance to turn the attack speed of a range weapon to 1
    • Spellcaster gloves: 5% Chance to turn the attack speed of a magic weapon to 1

📗 Achievement Rework:

  • The interface was updated to a paging system and a new function for filtering achievements by completion type was added
  • Achievement progress will no longer reset on tier completions
  • Player-killing achievement tasks were removed and replaced with wilderness-based tasks
  • Items achievements were removed and replaced with creation-based tasks
  • Weapon combo achievements were removed and replaced with accolade-based tasks
  • Support for checking if a player has damaged an npc with a specific weapon was added
  • Support was added for achievements that require multiple steps
  • Many new achievements were added
  • Completionist cape will now require 80% of tier completion rather than full achievements

🦁 Pet perks:

  • Many pet perks were given a fourth upgrade, which will now be the new max
  • Auto-Battle pet perk will now do 350 attacks rather than 150 before going on cooldown
  • The Discoverer: Chance increase of finding a clue or skill scroll
  • Edging Death: Increase all accuracy and damage by 20% whilst under 15% health (does not work in PVP zones)

☘️ Prestige perks:

  • Professional Deconstructor: 15% Chance to save the item when deconstructing
  • Cheap Skiller: Reduce entry fee for all AFK activities by 20%
  • Nest Head: Increase bird nest drops by 10% and automatically deposit them to the bank (if possible)

💸 Donators:

  • Donator bundles will now no longer show the same bundles 2 days in a row
  • A random Mystery box (regular, superior, or supreme) will now be given to every $100 donated
  • A 95% Upgrader scroll was added to the donator store
  • Both donator AFK activities (zone & dummies) are now accessible to Extreme donators

🛠️ Tweaks:

  • Experience for killing slayer tasks was slightly reduced and the experience earned for task completion was greatly reduced
  • Using water spells on Kraken now has a 1/3 chance to heal it for 1/3 the damage
  • Players can now teleport directly out of the Vorkath activity
  • Marketplace transaction prices will now be monitored and price details such as highest/lowest sold and the average price can be viewed when creating a listing
  • A new option on the marketplace interface has been added to view certain item trade prices
  • Server lockout for entering too many incorrect passwords was increased from 5 incorrect attempts to 10
  • Pickpocketing rewards were nerfed
  • Experience rates were slightly updated for all ranks
  • Items can now be dropped in the Kraken activity
  • Ironmates can now pickup their ironmates dropped loot
  • Wearing an amulet of avarice will now keep the skull permanent until removal
  • Wearing an amulet of avarice will now note all revenant drops
  • Hybriding tournament matches will last for 7 mins 30 seconds instead of 5 mins
  • Players who skip a round during the tournament will now be unlocked
  • Base voting rewards were buffed
  • Amulet of the damned now has a 1/200 chance of being obtained from barrows
  • Some junk items were removed from the barrows key and the amulet of the damned was added
  • Some vote store item prices were updated
  • The boosts from imbued hearts were buffed
  • Fused Imbued Heart will now use 2 charges per use
  • PoP drop rate boost was increased from 5% to 10%
  • Clan drop rate boost modifier was increased from 3.5% to 5%
  • Experience earned from donator combat dummies was increased
  • Skilling with the skill experience being 200m will increase the skilling pet odds by 25%
  • Elf warrior's aggressive radius was reduced to 2 tiles
  • Samaden herb can now be stored in the herb sack
  • The Bone preservation prestige perk will no longer work for wilderness altars
  • The Saggitarian Perfect attack speed was reduced from 4 to 3
  • Drop rates for Kraken, Hunnleff, and Zulrah were updated

🐝 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with the damage calculation on tournament round end being inverse
  • Fixed issue with skill pass claim-all button not working as intended
  • Fixed issue with starter weapon only giving 1 of a stackable weapon instead of the amount they had
  • Fixed Arrow Artisan to make fletching faster and properly
  • Fixed Saradomin Godsword properly restoring prayer and health
  • Full slayer helm (e) now allows you to toggle aggro, making all Task enemies aggressive towards you.
  • Slayer helm tweaks to show on target dummy properly
  • Bone Density perk fixed to work properly on noted bones
  • Fixed Dragon Hunter Lance and Dragon Hunter Crossbow to work on KBD properly
  • Fixed the success rate for red wine-making
  • Fixed clue scroll pickup with full inventory and a clue box open in inventory
  • Entering a raids portal message text changed from Junior Cadet ... to Activity Party Orb to avoid confusion
  • Slayer duos now both need Thrill Seeker to claim a boss task (except Ironmates as they cannot solo slayer tasks at all)
  • Fixed battlepass last level reward not completing if you finish battlepass first and then buy the premium
  • Fixed for example buying 50x and not having enough buys none, now it will buy however much you can afford
  • Rare rewards from raids will now be broadcast in the server-feed channel
  • Fixed issue with Vorgast being moved out of position
  • Fixed issue with the APR displayed for the top ironmates interface
  • Fixed an error with Lagor the Thunderous' cursed attack
  • Fixed an error when the Ice Chiller spawned its spiders
  • Fixed an error with the firemaking action
  • Fixed issue when depositing 28 items into the alchemist bench
  • Fixed issue with the Saggitarian Perfect bow not utilizing it's set effect
  • Fixed issue with welcome messages for new players
  • Fixed issue with managing pet perks
  • Fixed an issue with players not properly executing the disconnection method causing clan chat/pets/random events and others to not properly be removed
  • Fixed issue with sleep stealer locking players from disconnecting
  • Night-gazer bank area is now considered a bank zone
  • Fixed issue with Larran keys being dropped by slayer monsters outside of the wilderness
  • Fixed some issues with ring of wealth drop rate boosts
  • Fixed issues with some NPC attacks and absorption
  • 2FA lock will now also lock chat packets
  • Fixed some issues with the alchemist bench
  • Fixed issue with ruby bolts (e)
  • Fixed issue with item charges resetting to max capacity value for imbued hearts
  • Fixed an error caused by Nex
  • Fixed lizardman shamans being able to teleport outside their map
  • Saradomin bow will no longer do multi-hits on players
  • Fixed issue with Zaryte and Dread crossbow
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