[2024.05.10] Game Updates #17 - New Perks, Achievements, Tweaks and Fixes


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Hello everyone,

This patch brings us some well needed adjustments to the game. To begin, let me say there haven't been any updates in a while as I have been moving. However, now that I am somewhat settled I plan on continuing with the updates. Thus, this update won't contain any major content addition, but you may expect to see some as summer comes closer. Apart from fixes and tweaks, this content focuses on new perks and achievements. 

💸 Donations:

  • Daily rewards now has a tab for the top 3 weekly donators
  • Mystery box (superior) was added to the bundle section
  • Mystery box pack was added to the bundle section
  • Strong boost cards/packs was added to the bundle section

📗 Achievements
The following achievements were added:

  • Cannonballs: Requires smelting cannonballs
  • Specialized Cannonballs: Requires smelting custom cannonballs
  • Sacred Harpoon: Requires successfully upgrading an elder harpoon
  • Kraken: Requires killing kraken
  • Kalphite Queen: Requires killing Kalphite Queen
  • The Calm Within The Madness: Requires completing VOB Madness as a solo

🦁 Pet Perks:

  • New function for searching for specific pet perks was added to the codex interface
  • New interface was created for creating and customizing pet perk presets
  • Vine Dining: Ability to lock movement of all nearby enemies for 5 seconds

☘️ Prestige Perks:

  • Star Struck: Mining action will no longer be reset when a shooting star breaks
  • Mystery Seeking Skiller: 1/7,500 Chance of earning a Mystery box

🧌 Monster Perks:

  • Cracked Cannon: Dipped cannonballs will now be 35% more effective with damage and accuracy.
  • Cracked Dagger: All dragon dagger specials will hit 3 times instead of 2
  • Larran Hoarder: Automatically pickup Larran's key drops if possible
  • Running Fighter: 10% chance to restore 10% run energy on monster kill

👹 Slayer:

  • Death slingers will now require an active task
  • Sonic Slayer: 20% Chance of attack speed being reduced to 1 on task

🎰 Item Upgrader:

  • Sacred Harpoon: Can be used to catch any type of fish (bait will still be required if applicable) and has a 1/3 chance of cooking it

🆕 Additions:

  • Battlepass season 6
  • Kalphite queen slayer task was added
  • New game options 'Prayer Messages' was added which will disable any leech prayer messages dealt to opponent
  • Special attack orb can now show special attack % via the game frame plugin (temporary text)

🛠️ Tweaks:

  • Boom Buddy's cooldown duration was reduced and the damage amount increased
  • Method for handling selecting the lowest skill has been changed to be based off experience rather than level
  • Base DFS cooldown period was reduced by 25 seconds
  • Leaving the wilderness will now reset any active teleblock effects
  • Runecrafting now counts every rune essence in your inventory for a chance at Talisman staff for the rune, Talisman staffs are now 1/500
  • Blood nex now requires an Ecunemical key to enter when Nex Mass is active
  • Clan Activity timeout changed to 72 hours from 36 hours
  • Raids drop rates tweaked
  • Can now only private message staff whilst muted
  • Equipping the Hati paws or hat will lead to a 5% decrease in the effects of trees and ores. If both the Hati paws and hat are worn together, an extra 5% reduction is triggered, bringing the total reduction to 15%
  • The monster log interface was updated and now supports toggling kill count/time to kill messages and will show personal best records for logged monsters
  • Demonic gorillas can now be attacked when on a clan task
  • Collection log rewards can now only be claimed after 12 hours of play time
  • All dagganoth king slayer tasks have been combined into 1 task
  • Trivia questions can now be answered faster by simply doing ;;a answer
  • Battle pass will now be capped at 3 earnable reward per uid/ip
  • Removed the dialogue prompt for the dagganoth teleport
  • Box/snare traps will now deposit to skiller's backpack if applicable
  • Box/snare traps can now be re-setup when broken on the ground
  • Dread crossbow stats were buffed
  • All adventure path combat level tasks will now count summoning levels
  • Air talisman was added to the summoning store

🐝 Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with familiars being aggressive to self and other players within the wilderness
  • Fixed an issue with the shooting star despawning prematurely
  • Bloodshed dragonfire shield negative magic attack bonus was removed (will now be 0)
  • Fixed some trivia bot answers
  • Fixed the Superior cyclops size
  • Fixed issue with various broken nex armour pieces being equippable
  • Fixed issue with banshees not recognizing various slayer helmets
  • Fixed a potential issue causing vorgast to go invisible
  • Fixed issue with teleblock client timer not resetting when killing the player that caused the teleport block
  • Fixed issue with the slayer perk interface not showing proper icons
  • Fixed an issue with multiple people using doors/gates at the same time
  • Fixed issue with tormented bracelet (or) reverting to original form when noting
  • Lagor stun fix for TOL
  • Further name colour fixes for donators who are ironmen game modes
  • Tornados from Hunllef and AOA now no longer hit you earlier than expected
  • Simulating VOB and AOA now allows you to put 125k and 50k for proper simulations
  • Goblin Emperor barrel player radius fixed
  • Fixed issue with instanced godwar bosses not spawning their minions properly
  • Fixed issue with teleports above 30 wilderness still providing experience even though the teleport is blocked
  • Fixed issue with the zaryte crossbow creation achievement not triggering
  • Fixed issue with the kalphite queen dragon chainbody collection log not triggering
  • Fixed issue with hunter collection log not recognizing black/red chinchompas
  • Fixed issue with the righteous warrior monster perk triggering for players
  • Fixed issue with corrupted monk from TOL being attackable by AOE weapons
  • Fixed issue with heart of monstrosities/effigies dropping for partner whilst duo slayer is active
  • Removed the duplicate boot items for the Superior mystery box collection log
  • Fixed issue with the black d'hide crafting skillpass task not triggering
  • Fixed issue with VOB cog machine (running away whilst interface is active)
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