[2024.02.23] Game Updates #13 - S4 Battle Pass, Slayer Helmet Recoloring, & More!


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🆕 Additions:

  • A new season 4 Battle pass was released!
  • Added scarabs as a new slayer task
  • Added a new slayer perk to increase supply crate drops on task by 25%
  • Added a new slayer perk which unlocks the ability to re-color a full slayer helmet (e)
  • Current supported slayer helmet re-colors are: kbd, vorkath, and abyssal
  • Achievement for recoloring a slayer helmet was added
  • Added some more validation checks when accepting a trade offer (teleporting/force moving/etc)
  • Cletus' shop can now be accessed by Ironmans
  • Wicked tree will no longer be damaged by recoils/vengeance
  • A new monster perk was added which will automatically bank loot and slaughter key drops
  • Teak trees were added to the woodcutting zone
  • Powdered wig and flared trousers were added to the skillermen clothing store
  • Golden hammer was added to the skill scroll loot table and will make smithing actions 1 tick faster
  • God's insurance upgrader scroll was added to the donator store and will save all items except for coins and upgrade tokens
  • Kamfreena can now exchange dragon defenders for 50 warrior guild points
  • A new prestige perk, Master Smither was added which will reduce all smithing actions by 1 tick & 15% chance of not consuming materials

🛠️ Fixes:

  • Fixed up the AOA loot issues
  • Fixed issue with items not being announced for AOA
  • Fixed issue with yell tag requirements
  • Fixed issue with the drop option for the snail pet
  • Fixed bonuses for the tokhaar-kal
  • Fixed issue with imbued hearts not setting levels correctly once the time has run out
  • Fixed the purchase requirements for the slaughter master cape
  • Fixed issue with the dream log skillpass task
  • Fixed issue with the agility laps adventure path task (any current progress will be reset)
  • Fixed issue with lagor stun stacks
  • Fixed issue with charging items via noted form
  • Fixed a few achievements
  • Fixed issue with onyx bolts
  • Fixed issue with a few items not showing in the item itinerary
  • Fixed issue with charging items via noted form
  • Coins and experience will no longer be given when completing slayer tasks with locked experience
  • Fixed base experience rates for a few runes

🔰 Quality of Life:

  • The Battle pass interface was updated
  • Reduced the cost of skipping levels for the battle pass
  • The command ;;faq was added
  • Final round matches in the tournament will now last twice as long
  • All imbued magic capes now have their proper magic level requirement
  • Dragonbone necklace will now properly restore prayer points when burying bones
  • The ring of suffering imbued can now be charged
  • God's upgrade scroll can now be traded
  • Items can now be dropped in a nomad instance
  • The collection log interface will now show the total collected item count
  • Rewards for completing the LOG collection log were increased
  • Spellcaster gloves can now be traded
  • Barrows is now its own activity and will contain an overlay display current brother status
  • Familiars can no longer be summoned in AOA
  • Acquiring rare loot from the skill scroll will now do a global announcement message
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