[2024.03.16] Game Updates #14 - Special Attack Orb, Hiscores, Boost Cards, QOL, & More!


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Hello everyone!

I would like to start by apologizing for this update being constantly delayed; As many of you have noticed we have been having issues with low FPS in populated areas; as we've been growing steadily this issue has begun to worsen. We had to spend a significant amount of time looking into the issue and figuring out the most practical solution. We also spent a good portion of time rewriting the backend system for hiscores as it was horrendously slow.

This patch doesn't have many new additions apart from the Special Orb and Boost card packs but it does contain a good amount of bug fixes and QOL changes. Rest assured we will be working on new content in the near future!

🆕 Additions:

  • Spec orb was added which can be interacted with to toggle active special attacks (can be hidden via the Game frame RL plugin)
  • Booster card packs were added to the donator store and will provide a 60-minute boost for (luck, npc drops, accuracy, or damage) and each boost has 3 tiers (weak, normal, and strong)
  • The option to open all was added to various boxes and bag items
  • A new toggle was added in the game options interface for prestige perk messages
  • The command ;;global was added for sending global messages (a temporary fix for those using the key-remapper plugin)
  •  Hiscores backend system for the website was re-done for faster load times; client/server support was also updated

🛠️ Tweaks:

  • Pets will no longer render in highly populated areas (will always be able to see your own pet)
  • Pets will no longer play graphics in highly populated
  • Arigon points were renamed to Loyalty points (due to AP also standing for achievement points)
  • Weapon game will now have multi-ip prevention checks
  • Weapon game will now only reward achievements and tasks if at least one kill was acquired
  • Last man standing and weapon game minigames rewards were increased
  • All raid monsters will now be immune to poison
  • Spawned more Dagannoths
  • Spawned more Tzhaar creatures
  • Turned entrance near DK to multi-combat
  • Turned Tzhaar City to a multi-combat
  • Added a few fruit tree drops to different npcs
  • Re-wrote the system for all client timers
  • A clan storage chest was added to the donator zone
  • All Slayer helmets were given item values
  • Increased coin casket prices in the skilling store
  • Exiting Lucien's chambers will now have a warning dialogue (which can be disabled)
  • More currency types were added to the currency wallet
  • Attack cape will now count for the warrior guild if it's in the inventory
  • The decanter will now drop items on the floor if the items can not be added
  • TOL ice chiller now has a left-click option for the pond and braziers
  • Golden Trivias will now be active more frequently
  • Reduced the respawn time for red sandstones
  • Wearing hati paws/mask will now reduce the chances of being frozen in the snowman miner area
  • Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak eggs can now be used on the chicken shrine (for increased exp and skilling tickets)
  • Ironmates raiding restriction was removed

🛠️ Fixes:

  • Fixed an error which would break the LMS minigame
  • Fixed issue with Scroll of Devastation not having a consume option
  • Fixed issue with pickpocket locking
  • Fixed issue with teak trees not being choppable
  • Fixed issue with the Slayer perk scroll list
  • Fixed issue with the event interface "back button" not working properly
  • Fixed issue with primal and sandstone ore's requirement check not working properly
  • Fixed issue with the discard contents button for looting bag not working
  • Fixed issue with Kalphite queen dropping a loaned rune skirt
  • Increased AOA drop rate for uniques
  • Fixed issue with the new slayer helmets not being operatable
  • Fixed issue with AOA collection logs
  • Fixed issue with being stunned whilst the falling rocks are active in TOL
  • Fixed issue with Ring of Wealth not having a drop option
  • Fixed issue with all nex minions being able to damage Nex
  • Added missing stats to Ardougne cloak 4
  • Added missing stats & animation/equip slot to Falador shield 4
  • Added missing stats/equip-slot to Explorer's ring 4
  • Added missing stats/equip-slot to Karamja gloves 4
  • Added missing stats to Varrock armour 4
  • Added missing magic requirement to Trident of the swamp (e)
  • Added the empty option to tome of fire
  • All wilderness weapons can now properly be dismantled
  • Onyx bracelets can now be properly enchanted
  • Fixed issue with cannon loss on deaths
  • Fixed issue with the Iban's staff of terror achievement
  • Fixed issue with the wilderness level achievement
  • Fixed issue with the hard revenant's achievement
  • Fixed issue with the Nudist raider achievement
  • Fixed issue with Kalphite queen collection log not working
  • Fixed the skeletal horror GD going negative and reset all negative GDs
  • Fixed issue with runes in rune pouch not being recognized when using via the gear manager
  • Fixed some issues with Lucien's attacks
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