[2024.04.03] Game Updates #15 - Easter Event, Reworked Tournament, New Battle Pass & More!


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Hello everyone!

We're thrilled to announce some egg-citing updates and additions to enhance your gaming experience this Easter season! We've also been hard at work reworking our tournament system to bring you an even more exhilarating and action-packed experience. Get ready to spice up your battles with an array of new items and upgrades designed to take your combat skills to the next level!☠️ This update also comes with some content additions such as the new Battle Pass, Achievement Point Bundles, and Pet Perks.

🐰 Easter Event:

  • Easter event can be accessible by typing the ;;easter command
  • Every 2:30hrs the easter dungeon will be populated with moles and implings
  • Catching/killing implings and moles will provide easter eggs which can be handed in to the easter bunny for points
  • Easter points can be used to purchase a few items including an easter mystery box which contains limited-time items




⚔️ Tournament:

  • The tournament system was completely rewritten due to previous issues
  • A new map was created specifically for the tournament
  • Losing in a tournament will now send the player to the tournament viewer activity
  • Points are now awarded for tournament completions; which can be used in the tournament store
  • All previous issues with the tournament's logic were fixed and improved
  • Many new tournament gear sets were added
  • An option for automatically depositing active pets/familiars will now be available when accessing the tournament





💸 Donations:

  • Many donator bonds will now be discounted for easter
  • The donator bundle page was updated and will now contain 8 bundle slots instead of 6
  • Many new bundles were added:
    • AP Mystery box (mini)
    • AP Mystery box (regular)
    • AP Mystery box (large)
    • AP Mystery box bundle
    • AP Mystery box bundle (massive)
    • Booster card pack
    • Salvaging starter pack
    • Salvaging professional pack
    • Holy trinity pet perk pack





🌀 Pool Of Prosperity:

  • POP now gives a +20% buff if you donate a certain amount to the POP
  • This bonus buff is limited to 25 people per POP. (This would only be 25 people if everyone donated exactly the amount to get the Buff. If some people donate more than that, it will lessen this amount.)
  • Adjusted boosts:
    • Slayer POP adjusted to show 20% and be 20% as it should be
    • Raids Droprate POP: +10% drop rate chance at Raids





🆕 Additions:

  • Battle Pass Season 5
  • Outfit storage (ability to store cosmetics to save up bank space)
  • A portable deconstructor was added to the skill scrolls table and can open the deconstruction menu with a 25% reduction in dust
  • A golden knife was added to the skill scrolls table and will make fletching actions 1 tick faster
  • CTRL + D can be used for quick donator zone teleports
  • Harpoon special attack was added
  • Dwarf multi cannon now has a decay timer for the client
  • The command ;;clan was added which will allow for sending direct clan chat messages
  • Cavefish was added to the donator zone
  • Monster perk was added; Explosive Krak -  Automatically uses fishing explosives when fighting kraken
  • An untradeable Bank space voucher was added to the achievement store





🦁 Pet Perks:

  • Pet storage (ability to store pets to save up bank space  accessible via the pet perk interface)
  • Glutton: Food/potions will heal by an additional % (does not work in pvp zones)
  • Careful consumer: % Chance of not consuming potion/food (does not work in pvp zones)
  • Super reflexes: % Chance of completely avoiding incoming damage (does not work in pvp zones)





🛠️ Tweaks:

  • Many new items were added to the currency wallet and the order of currencies was updated
  • After completing the Ancient curse miniquest, wearing a nightshade helmet will provide protection against the dungeon's dark magic
  • The looting bag & skiller's backpack will now attempt to deposit contents when being deposited
  • Farming and agility, along with additional materials were added to the skill scrolls task list
  • Ironman accounts can now drop contents from a PVP loot key (will not be able to pick it up)
  • The wicked tree fire will now require the 'Bonfired' prestige perk in order to burn logs
  • The blood arena was removed
  • Ironman accounts can now gamble with the Gypsy dealer however, winnings will not be doubled
  • More desert bandits spawns were added
  • Corporeal beast's passive defence effect with corpbane weapons was implemented
  • The chances of obtaining a random event were changed from 1/650 to 1/600
  • During a nex mass, damages to minions will count toward nex damage
  • A lot more cyclops spawns were added to the warrior guild
  • Night-Gazer instances are now capped at 3 players per instance; unless a mass is active
  • Various pet sacrifice values were lowered due to mass farming
  • Edimmu's can now only be attacked on task
  • RFD quest coin reward was changed from 150k to 500k
  • Daily calender rewards were updated
  • Vote books will now last 60 minutes rather than 15 minutes
  • Vote tickets were removed from the loyalty store
  • Clans now require you to earn 3000 clan XP to become "Active". Active members receive the clan buffs that are currently active, and also determine the length of the clan tasks.
  • You can check if your active with the command ;;clanactivity (temporary until UI changes)
  • Clan buffs for Raids have been changed:
  • There are now buffs for every raid.
  • The raid buffs now provide +10% drop rate for Rares from the raid.




🛠️ Fixes:

  • The demon lord will now drop items after the quest completion
  • Fixed issue with the nex adventure task for Brawler
  • Fixed issue with the smith bronze med helm skill pass task
  • Fixed various issues with Dwarf multi cannon causing the cannon to not properly unregister or the items not being added back to the player
  • NightGazer will no longer spawn in the slayer grounds
  • Fixed issue with iron and steel bolts not working
  • Fixed issue with night-gazer portals going to inaccessible areas
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the revenant and hard revenant achievements
  • Fixed the attack animation for the torags brother
  • Fixed an issue with the skill pass interface showing the wrong skill level
  • Fixed the incorrect cooking level for rocktails
  • Renewing a familiar will now properly heal it and cleanse it of any status effects
  • Fixed Osmumten's fang regular and special attack formulas (regular attack now only rerolls if type is stab and special attack now increases attack roll by 50% instead of rerolling like regular)
  • Eldritch, Volatile, and Harmonised nightmare staves can now be dismantled
  • Fixed issue with rammernaut in a private instance teleporting back to the main instance
  • Wearing the firemakers outfit will now grant a firemaking experience bonus
  • Fixed issue with the world event achievement requirement
  • Fixed the collection reward for smithing
  • Fixed an issue with one of the zombie defenders boat
  • Fixed issue with the Walton's cousin walton achievement
  • Fixed the incorrect name when chopping a regular tree
  • Fixed issue with the saradomin and guthix bird nest eggs being swapped
  • Fixed issue with being given skill scrolls when playing the zombie defenders minigame
  • Removed the duplicate boot items from the supreme mystery box
  • Fixed issue with shooting star health not being visible when many players are near
  • Fixed issues with some dragon spears
  • Fixed the attack speed for dragon spears
  • Many fixes and stability improvements for stretched mode have been implemented
  • Fixed Vorkath's ranged/magic attack distances
  • Sacrificing a pet with an attached special perk will no longer remove the perk
  • Fixed improper calculations for the holy blessings pet perk
  • Fixed issue with larran keys being given off wilderness task
  • Fixed a few invalid trivia questionnaires
  • Fixed some issues with a few collection logs
  • Fixed issue with collection log completion amounts
  • When casting a spell book teleport; required runes will now consider equipped staves and equipment
  • Fixed an incorrect demon soldier drop amount
  • Fixed an incorrect slayer teleport for black dragons
  • Fixed an un-noting bug with enchanted armour set
  • Special attack orb will now activate non-combat specials (dragon hatchet, harpoon, sol)
  • Fixed issue with Fang of Chaos sidebar
  • Fixed a few item values and incorrect bonuses/requirements
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